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1,200 kgs of hashish recovered at Pak-Afghan border

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    1,200 kgs of hashish recovered at Pak-Afghan border

    CHAMAN: The Frontier Corps Balochistan after an exchange of fire at the Pak-Afghan border near Gulistan area have recovered 1,200 kgs of hashish from the possession of drug smugglers. The Gulistan police sources told APP here on Sunday that on a tip-off, a FC team intercepted drug smugglers at the Pak-Afghan border near Gulistan town, who were trying to smuggle about 1,200 kgs of hashish loading in a Pajero jeep from Afghanistan to Pakistan. As a result, an exchange of fire took place between the FC personnel and drug smugglers. Later, the accused managed to escape from the spot. The FC team has taken the seized drugs in its custody. Further investigation is underway.—APP

    February 22 2010


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