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By Potter · Jul 8, 2009 · ·
  1. Potter
    Have to say I'm pretty proud of that, I've always tried to write, but never have I felt immensely satisfied with my results, but now, I think I've accomplished something here. I think I've helped people stay safe, go adventuring, confront their demons, discover new things about the world, and themselves. I think I've been pretty entertaining, by and large, though I'll admit a cruel streak, you know, kind of like drugs them selves.

    Still got a lot of work to do, I haven't finished my stimulant guide, I really aught get some ethno wikis done, there's always tagging to be done, not to mention I've been slacking in the barley research. I think I'm going to start a Future Caffeine Forums Crew, to help me in my quest to get enough material on the single most popular drug on the planet, I'm in discussion with Jatleka on the best means of doing this.

    Oh, check out the new tags, [url"http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/tags.php?tag=inane+ramblings"]Inane Ramblings[/url] and Bad Ideas, for hilarity and stern warnings to keep in mind before over indulging. Feel free to apply them to fitting threads, tags can be a way of warning future readers about poor content. And I wouldn't be Potter if I didn't plus the Caffeine tag.

    Just added new tad Traditional Use for any threads with aboriginal practices, please help spread it around.

    I'm going to be gone for a while, this weekend I'm leaving for Brushwood Folklore Center for two and a half weeks of puppets, art, dancing in blood and ash, potentiating sex in labyrinths under the stars, fire, geodesics, family, loved ones, friends, and strangers. I'll be presenting my lectures Blood, Sex, and the Bitter Water, a Violently Erotic History of Chocolate and The enthogenic Complex of Meso-America, which I can't seem to find online at the moment (try here, along with hosting a night of entheogenic story telling. If any of you read this, you should; drop everything you are doing, go to the website above, also check out Starwood Festival, call your friends and tell them they too need to go with you to Brushwood. I promise you will not regret it. I have my site behind the wood shed on the tree line separating the north field and spirit shrine from the main field, I'll be on a bike lit up like a UFO at night. Make sure to come over and say high! I really can't encourage people to attend these festivals enough. There's really no place on the planet like Brushwood and the second half of July there's really no place in any dimension like Brushwood.

    Well I'm, off much work to be done, I'm probably going try to not be online until I leave, really do have too much to do. Love you all, see you in August.

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  1. helikophis
    Hi Potter! Hope you're having fun! I imagine that while I am sitting here slaving away at my boring-ass thesis, you are lounging naked in a hot tub, belly full of nearly-raw buffalo meat, geeking out on ethnobotanical goodness.
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