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$1.2M in meth discovered

By buseman · Jun 9, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    GLENDALE — Police seized $1.2 million worth of methamphetamine at a Sunland home early Thursday after investigating a truck they stopped on Foothill Boulevard.

    Four people — Alejandro Garcia, 32, of Norwalk, Marcos Perez, 34, of Sunland, William Magaña, 31 of Fontana and Claudia Seseña, 34, of Sunland — were arrested in connection with possessing the 16 pounds of meth, Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

    It's coming to our community and we got to cut it off at the head," Lorenz said. "We got to find a source.

    The drugs were likely intended for distribution to residents in the foothills and communities to the east, he said.

    Glendale police officers stopped a maroon Dodge Ram at 2 a.m. Thursday on Foothill Boulevard after Garcia, the driver, allegedly committed several traffic violations, Lorenz said.

    Garcia and his passenger, Magaña, could not provide proof of ownership for the truck or say who it belonged to, but they said it was going to be dropped off at a home in Sunland, Lorenz said.

    Police called for backup and decided to follow them to the home to make sure the truck wasn't stolen, he said. When they arrived at the home, Perez answered the front door. Police ran his name through their criminal database and discovered that Perez was on parole for weapons violations, he said.

    Perez was also wanted and had two $60,000-arrest warrants issued against him, Lorenz said.

    Perez allegedly punched one of the officers in the face, cutting him, Lorenz said. A second officer was also hit and his knee was injured, he added.

    The injuries were not serious and the officers were recovering, Lorenz said.

    When officers searched the truck and found paraphernalia commonly used for the sale and distribution of drugs, Lorenz said police called in narcotics detectives, who searched the home and found the methamphetamine.
    By Veronica Rocha
    May 28, 2010


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