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$1.3 Million In Heroin Seized In NE Philly

By chillinwill · Jan 8, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A new entry has been added to File Archive

    Philadelphia narcotics officers made a major bust -- $1 million worth of heroin is off the streets and so are alleged dealers.

    During the bust Wednesday evening, officers removed box after box, filled with pre-packaged heroin from a row home in Oxford Circle in the Northeast section of the city.

    The home, which was rigged like a spy film, contained trick doors and elaborately built bookshelves with sliding secret compartments for hiding the drugs.

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  1. cra$h
    damn that sucks! But I do like their logo.
  2. Dewmeister
    I think this is a good thing...there's drugs that shouldn't be prosecuted - like pot, lsd, mushrooms and even xtc. But there's also the ones that are known to cause major health and society problems such as heroin and methamphetamine and for that reason I see this as being a positive step.

    Dewmeister added 1 Minutes and 11 Seconds later...

    That's a lot of heroin that nobody will be getting hooked on (hmm, wish I could edit my posts)
  3. dyingtomorrow
    Echo the sentiment. SWIM's dream is to break into a random home some day, and find $1.3 million in heroin. SWIM would fall to his knees, and achieve such an epiphany of positive emotion and oneness with God that he would surely leave his physical form.

    At least we can think that, fortunately, probably a bunch of it will be skimmed by the cops and resold on the street.
  4. 2dboy
    positive step? not in my opinion? You can be sure there is a housewife in utah somewhere that would say the exact same thing in regards to a grow op bust - why is it ok for people to have safe access to the substances you mentioned but not for ones others choose to do. you cant have freedom of choice for some, but not others. The argument that heroin is the scourge of society isnt true - its poverty, abuse, violence, etc that create situations in which people become addicted to things such as (but definetly not limited to) heroin.
  5. 90%.
    this hual is like cutting off a dogs toe nail..little tiny fraction of what else is still out there lol
  6. csharpprogrammer
    Just seen the video, hard to tell what the pic was on the bags, but the reporter said "HP" brand, which was very popular all over the city. SWIM doesn't recall there being an image on the blue baggies, just an "HP" stamped on there. But the bags in the video clearly show an image, perhaps they were supplying multiple brands...
  7. Scrubbs
    This video is bringing tears to my eyes, that is so much H. Yet we all know how Police like to exaggerate about their numbers.
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