$1.35m Lotto win for alleged drug boss

By lexifer · Mar 16, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer
    crazy shit.


  1. Sitbcknchill
    Good for him
  2. Senor Gribson
    Just watch; the cops'll claim the ticket was bought with drug money and take all $1.35m.
  3. silentghost
    Probably a drop in the bucket to what he really has buried.
  4. FrankenChrist
    Actually, it is a clever way to whitewash money. In my country there are some rumours it has been done before by tax evading business owners.

    Edit: I do wonder how they would set up the networking for this. Lotto winners, smart ones anyway, should be rather discreet. The winner and the whitewasher can't just put ads in the paper.
  5. ladist
    yeah your not kidding. Bringing in bricks of Heroin will net you alot more than 1.35 mil in a short period of time.
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