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  1. jholmes800
    QUETTA, Dec 20: The Frontier Corps has seized about 1.5 tons of morphine hidden by suspected Afghan smugglers in Balochistan, officials said on Wednesday. The haul came after a tip that the consignment brought from Afghanistan was buried in the Shabian area, a military spokesman said.

    “A raiding team of the Frontier Corps was sent to Shabian area where, after hours of digging, they seized 1,498kg of morphine buried under the ground,” the spokesman said.—AFP

    Our Staff Reporter in Karachi adds: The Drug Enforcement Cell of the preventive collectorate of the customs on Wednesday seized 5kg of heroin from a PIA flight which had landed here en-route to London from Islamabad.

    Customs spokesman SPO Qamar Thallo said cell searched the flight PK-787 in view of a tip after it had landed at Quaid-i-Azam International Airport. The flight was due to leave for London an hour later.

    A search lasting several hours led to the seizure of 5kg of heroin concealed in the compartments of a toilet in the tail of the plane. Customs officials suspect that support staff of the flight could be involved in the smuggling attempt.



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