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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    1,577 kg cocaine seized in Mexico

    Over 1,500 kg of cocaine that came in containers aboard a Colombian vessel have been seized in Mexico, officials said.

    The cocaine was inside several containers unloaded in Veracruz port by a Liberian-flagged ship that arrived from Cartagena in Colombia over the weekend, the Attorney General's Office said Monday.

    Acting on a tip-off, officials from the Attorney General's office, customs and navy personnel launched an operation and found 1,608 bricks of cocaine with a total weight of 1,577 kg inside the containers, it said.

    Two other large consignments of cocaine have been seized in Mexico recently.

    A shipment of 322 kg of cocaine packed in 600 cans of tuna was seized in Manzanillo port, while another 592 kg were found hidden in a shipment of frozen squid last week.



  1. mickey_bee
    I love these Columbians, they're like the head drug dealers back where swim used to live.............they don't give a flying f**k if xxxxxxxx amount of drugs/runners/money is lost everyday, as they'll just pump another bigger consignment out.

    It's like, 'congratulations you caught *snigger 1500kg............well done officer, that's really gonna f**k me over now!*snigger'

    It's just a blatant catch me if you can,- like the 14 yr old runners back home who would have £1000's worth of cash and drugs on them, yet still insist on swearing at every police car that drove past, and pullin there pants down............hahahaha good times.

    When will they learn? 1500kg's is alot of coke for one person, but for even a small European country, it's nothing, barely a drop in the ocean!
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Mexican Navy Seizes 2.4 Tons of Cocaine

    MEXICO CITY – The Mexican navy seized 2.4 tons of cocaine stashed in a fishing boat intercepted in Pacific waters.

    The navy acted on a tip from U.S. intelligence that drugs might be aboard the Mexican-flagged vessel.

    The fishing boat had apparently taken on the cocaine cargo in Colombia; the drug was found hidden in fuel tanks inside sealed compartments.

    Five people were arrested in the operation carried out on April 27.

    The cocaine cargo was presented by the navy at Salina Cruz, a port in the southern state of Oaxaca.

    The Pacific coast abounds in seizures of drugs and money belonging to organized crime, thanks to the trade between Mexican and Colombian cartels.

    Confiscated last month in different ports of the country was a total of 2.2 tons of cocaine. The total since December 2006 adds up to 82.4 tons.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon has declared open war against the cartels and since he took office has established a strategy of attacking organized crime.

    Some analysts have noted the role played by the navy in these seizures, having been responsible for intercepting great quantities of narcotics, with scarcely any armed clashes, unlike the army and federal police, which have 65,000 troops deployed nationwide.

    The navy was also the force that took down powerful drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva last December. EFE

    Sunday, may 09 2010
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