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1,700 gallons of whiskey spilled into Scottish river

  1. Hey :-)
    The Glen Catrine whiskey plant was fined $20,000 after the equivalent of 7,143 bottles of spirit drained into Scotland’s River Ayr.

    A whiskey bottling plant is in hot water after accidentally spilling 1,700 gallons of the spirit into a Scottish river.

    The River Ayr flowed with alcohol after a tanker filled with more than 7,000 gallons of the spirit started pumping the liquid into a vat that was already full.

    The spirit leaked onto a roadway, then entered the river through a drain valve. The error wasn’t identified until a passing employee spotted the whiskey spraying out of a tank, the Scotsman reports.

    The spill was equivalent to 7,143 bottles of spirit, at 67% strength.

    The Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse was slammed with a $20,000 fine on Thursday for the Sept. 2011 accident.

    Officials blamed the company for not taking the proper precautions to ensure that pollution wouldn’t contaminate the river, the BBC reports.

    The operator of the tanker and the plant’s production manager had reportedly never been trained to clean up this type of spill.

    “The risk of pollution of the river should have been one of the considerations at the forefront of the company's policies,” said procurator fiscal Sara Shaw.

    Glen Catrine bottles whiskey for the Loch Lomon Distillery. It produces more than 36.5 million bottles of whiskey, vodka, gin, rum and brandy every year.

    By Carol Kuruvilla
    Photograph Google; the Glen Catrine bottling plant
    January 25 2014
    New York Daily News


  1. Whiteboy123
    That's definitely going to have an impact on the River's ecosystem; I hope they can clean it up soon, and that it doesn't cause too much lasting damage. They're going to have a lot of happy fish though! LOL
  2. mgdude21
    May I suggest a volunteer group of us alcoholic type to go over and enjoy the a sip of that diluted brew? It's the least we could all do..
  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    i suggest swimming in the river would be like almost champagne bath. no bubbles :( but will get you drunk :)
  4. ramblin_zac
    "Whiskey river take my mind?"

    Willie Nelson! Anybody? :)
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