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$1.8M Heroin Bust In Philadelphia: Four arrested and charged

  1. source
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia narcotics officers credit an extensive investigation for uncovering activity that precipitated a raid of two Northeast Philadelphia homes.

    The raid, which occurred on McKinley and Elbridge Streets, led to the seizure of drugs and drug paraphernalia and four area men being arraigned on Wednesday and charged with possession with intent to distribute among other charges. (see related story)

    36-year-old Frank Hidalgo is in jail with a bail of $10 million, 37-year-old Felix Fernandez and 26-year-old Ramon Pedraza are being held on $5 million each and bail for 48-year-old Henry Diaz has been set at $50,000.

    All face multiple charges in connection with the confiscation of over $1.8 million dollars of heroin and $42,000 of cocaine, along with horse tranquilizer and other known cutting agents for drugs, grinders, scales, a loaded 22 caliber gun and more.

    An additional hearing has been set for all four suspects to ensure any bail money presented for their release is not tied to the alleged illegal drug activity.

    Their preliminary hearings are scheduled on October 30th.

    By Michelle Durham,
    October 10, 2012 5:09 PM, CBS Philly.


  1. Troussman
    Damn thats a lot of dope. Its sad to see it wont ever get a chance to hit the streets...hope it doesn't disrupt things out in philly. SWIM used to spend a lot of time runnin in that city, always had good quality out on the streets...good people out there too.
  2. source
    There's no actual 'weight' of the drugs in the article, and I'm lead to believe that they highly over-estimate the actual price of any drug seizure when they announce a bust.
    Still, I'll try and find more details on this and post again.
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