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10,000 Young Toddlers Are on Stimulant Drugs for ADHD

  1. Basoodler
    How crazy is it to drug babies?

    It was shocking enough to discover that 20 percent of teenage boys get labelled as having ADHD, and 10 percent are on stimulant medications for it; that 11 percent of all kids aged 4-18 get the diagnosis of ADHD and 6 percent the drugs; that stimulant prescriptions and Pharma profits are skyrocketing all around the world; and that ADHD guidelines encourage making the diagnosis and starting the drugs in kids as young as four.

    Then it got worse. An adventurous group of cowboy child psychologists invented a new and untested diagnostic category (with the ridiculous name 'Sluggish Cognitive Tempo') that would be a wonderful target for additional inappropriate stimulant use.

    It is also particularly outrageous that so many of the thought leaders promoting the excessive use of stimulants have such close ties with Pharma. Honor dies where conflict of interest lies. But the latest news tops all in raw shock value. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has just estimated that 10,000 U.S. toddlers, aged 2-3, are being given stimulant drugs for behaviors that have been mislabeled as ADHD. This falls outside the already overly inclusive guidelines that start kids at the too early age of four.

    Treating babies with stimulants is based on no research, is reckless, and takes no account of the possible harmful long-term effects of bathing baby brains with powerful neurotransmitter drugs.

    Many people thought I was being overly optimistic when recently I predicted that the ADHD fad had finally peaked and that we would gradually return to more appropriate levels of diagnosis (perhaps the previous 3 percent instead of the current 11 percent). My optimistic prediction was not based on naivete about Pharma greed or physician carelessness. My hopes rested on the possibility that there would be a backlash of parental and professional protest as it becomes clearer and clearer how absurdly overused is the ADHD diagnosis and the stimulant medication.

    The CDC report will certainly fuel that outrage and help stimulate a backlash, but at what price to the babies?

    Allen Frances is a professor emeritus at Duke University and was the chairman of the DSM-IV task force.
    Posted: 05/17/2014 3:03 pm EDT Updated: 05/17/2014 3:59 pm EDT


  1. 5-HT2A
    This is truly disgusting and astonishing, in some respects rivaling the egregiousness of routine male circumcision. Any parent that accepts this diagnosis should have their children taken from them on the spot.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: amphetamines are NOT benign drugs, nor is methylphenidate just special caffeine. These are powerful, addictive drugs that are used to treat fictitious disorders to the effect of controlling the children of a rapidly decaying military state who are leading dysfunctional lives devoid of meaning or purpose. They alter the developing brain in ways that make children predisposed to obesity and drug addiction as adults.

    The dissociation of American doctors from the reality of everyday life is truly profound. I think it is fair to say at this point that American doctors themselves are too full of their own shit to understand reality. No other country requires a 4 year degree before 4 years of medical school and 3+ of residency, to say nothing of the debt slavery these people incur. As a result, a large chunk of American doctors have personalities that are not amenable to scrutinizing their reality, due both to debt and arrogance. They are the shamans of our feudal system.
  2. mess clean
    This reminds me of a story involving a real friend of mine.

    Another friend had brought my friend three 20 mg adderall because he had a script, my friend didn't, and he really needed to pull at least 2 all-nighters (not consecutive) in order to finish writing up a report on a family he'd evaluated. He's in the mental health field and moonlights as the guy who observes a family that has had some problems with either the parenting or the actions of the kids. He then writes up a report which includes what he observed, and whatever conclusions he draws from that. These reports are then used in court cases involving the families and DCFS.

    Anyway, my friend decided he'd pop one of the addy's that night and at least get the first half done. In his haste to unwrap the foil that contained the three pills, one fell out. About 20 minutes later, he goes to the kitchen and runs out holding a pill for me to inspect. It looked as if it had been in someone's mouth, and about a quarter of it was gone (5 mg). I asked what happened and he told me that he saw his three-year old sitting on the kitchen floor with something in his mouth. Turns out it was that adderall he dropped.

    He immediately called the poison control center, explained what happened, said he had a script for it (he didn't), and that he accidentally dropped one from his pill bottle...and he was told to not worry about it. Kids are frequently given those medications at that age and in that dosage range, they said. He was instructed to keep an eye on the kid and call back in an hour with an update, otherwise they'd call back. And if nobody answered, the cops were swinging by. The kid was fine. He was tweaked (obviously) and just intently watching dozens of his favorite cartoons until he finally went to bed.

    What freaked me and my friend out was the complete nonchalance of the person from poison control. They didn't even care, and were just following protocol with the whole "call us back" thing. After all that I tore my friend a new one for being so careless, told him to pay more attention when he's doing shit like that with a kid in the house. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to unwrap some foil, take out one pill, and wrap it back up so that nothing falls out. But still, a three year old on 5 mgs of amphetamine apparently is no big deal. Wtf?
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