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10 pounds of meth found hidden in a baby crib in a Sun Valley home

By SmokeTwibz, Jul 11, 2012 | Updated: Oct 10, 2012 | | |
  1. SmokeTwibz

    LOS ANGELES - Burbank police officers serving a warrant in Sun Valley found 10 pounds of methamphetamine with a street value of about half a million dollars hidden in a baby crib, but the suspect they were looking for was gone, authorities said today.

    The warrant was served on Thursday in the 8500 block of Glenoaks Boulevard by personnel assigned to the Narcotics Unit and Gang Enforcement Team, Burbank police Lt. Eduardo Ruiz said.

    "The narcotics and a shotgun were found hidden in a baby crib inside the residence," Ruiz said in a statement. "Investigators believe the suspect in the case is involved with the distribution of narcotics to other drug dealers in the city of Burbank."

    The identity of the suspect was not released.

    The investigation was continuing.

    Posted: 07/06/2012 12:07:32 PM PDT

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    My name is Jason Jones. I'm from Rochester, MN and I'm 35 years old. I scrap metal and work as grounds keeper at a local trailer park. In the winter, I shovel a bunch of driveways and sidewalks to make some extra money and to stay busy. In my free time, I try to find interesting articles about the war on drugs that I can post on Drugs-Forum, so that the information can reach a wider audience.


  1. Emin
    Do they even mention if he has a child?
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