10 Years for 24 hits of LSD

By Abrad · Apr 7, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    Teen admits dealing LSD
    April 6, 2006 - njherald.com

    NEWTON — A Vernon teenager will face 10 years in state prison next month after pleading guilty Monday to dealing a large amount of the hallucinogen LSD to an undercover narcotics officer last year.

    Anthony Versace, 19, could have faced as much as 20 years in prison on the distribution offense, which involved more than 100 milligrams of LSD and was committed in a school zone. A diminutive youth who wore glasses and walked with the aid of crutches, Versace at first seemed ready to reject the state's plea offer, which would bring the case before a grand jury.

    But Assistant Prosecutor Tom Reed, speaking on the record in court, convinced the youth that the offer — 10 years in custody with three years of parole ineligibility — was at the low extreme, and the sentence if he was indicted and found guilty at trial would likely be quite a bit higher.

    "This is the best offer he's ever going to get," Reed said, citing mandatory guidelines that govern that type of drug case.

    After taking more time to speak with his lawyer and his mother, Versace decided to accept the plea deal.

    While waiting at the defense table for the judge to enter the courtroom, the defendant could be heard saying to his lawyer, "So robbing somebody or attempted murder, that's just as bad as dealing some drugs?"

    While entering the plea, Versace admitted to an Oct. 21 drug transaction between himself and an informer for the Sussex County Narcotics Task Force.

    "You sold him 30 hits of blotter acid, right?" Reed asked him.

    "It was 24 hits cut into 30 hits," the defendant replied.

    "Blotter acid" is shorthand for LSD, a clear liquid, embedded in blotter paper. In New Jersey, the paper is counted when determining the weight, Reed said.

    Versace and a co-defendant, 20-year-old Randall Bucsko, also of Vernon, were arrested on first-degree acid-dealing charges in November. Bucsko pleaded guilty last month, also in exchange for a 10-year sentence.

    Judge Thomas Critchley Jr. set Versace's sentencing for May 19.

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  1. genaro
    If I were this guy I would just run away to the other side of the world secretly and live a happy life there...never ever they would hear about me again in such a fanatic country where they think they can steal you 1/8 of your life time for having been selling a small amount of mind expanding/healing medecines just as if it was as bad as having committed murder.
  2. klaatu
    "the paper is counted when determining the weight"

    Where's the sense in that?!?! Why don't they add the weight of the defendant's shoes as well?

    Important tip children - use the thinest, lightest paper you can. It'll reduce the severity of your sentence....

  3. Beeker
    I'm so glad SWIM has never sold anything.. Nature is the best pusher imho.
  4. acenicho
    Someone local to me got 6 months for 1ounce of amphetamines and 6ounce of weed.

    I know its not in the same class as acid but the quantity is there!
  5. Silence_Inc
    really, i get angry reading this ... it's so wrong this attitude ... grrrrr ... i really wanna bash some rightwinged assholes head when i hear this... this is SO wrong!!!!! they don't even have the gut's brains heart life insight to understand it ... this should be reported to some human rights organisation!
  6. fatal
    when will it end. disgusting. we all hate to see this. be careful who you trust. they will get you any fucking way they can... legal or not...
  7. fatal
    consider this... if i took 24 hits of acid... went crazy and ate a baby... i would face about 20 years... if you sell acid you face 20 years... does this relation seem wrong to anyone else? deal acid... 20 years... eat babies... 20 years... hmm... i wonder which is more fun... i want my baby back baby back baby back baby back...
  8. raven3davis
    chiles baby back ribs.....chiles babbbbby back ribs................barbecue sauce.. haha this is complete bullshit.

    Does the weight have something to do with the long sentences. It said he has 100mg but they counted the weight of the paper. He probably had closer to 2mg of lsd. Quite strange how 2mg of a substance can get you ten years in prison.
  9. klaatu
    I don't think that (actual) weight of substance has anything to do with it. I seem to remember a war being waged recently over Weapons of Mass Destruction that never actually existed. :(

  10. fatal
    hooray for nonsense! "we know theyre there... we just dont know where there is... but if we kill enough people im sure that if we dont find them then it wont matter... uh... that makes sense.... right?"
  11. fatal
    oh by the way for the sake of legal logic... it said he plead guilty to 24 hits probably 150s thinking new jersey... so therefore that is roughly 3.6 mg... plus consider that he most likely made several sales to this agent as they like to be real sure they have your balls in the vice before they crank it shut... therefore one would figure that it probably was more like 10 sales or something like that and some may have been larger or smaller depending... all guessewsws on the numbers so no one criticize... just making the point.
  12. anj0vis
    this is a sad thing. I see it the same as if you had a religion and you have a certain non-harmful ritual for it. Then somebody offers his help to you to rent a place for the ritual. Then this guy gets 10 years of jail time for helping you. Even if it was for making money through rent, he made a fair trade where nobody is hurt.
    I don't know about this whole thing.. 10 years is a long time, especially when you are in your twenties. It is a civil rights abuse, like political prisoners or religious prisoners.
  13. M3th
    For real, if i was that guy i would be OUT of the country so fast.
  14. The Doors
    Some of you don't seem to realize that this is an illegal activity. I agree that the sentence is way too severe, but still, LSD is a drug and it is illegal, even if it can be beneficial or therapeutic. I haven't tried it, but SWIM wants to in a near future.
  15. GDxCAT
    We all realize that it is illegal to sell drugs.

    What everyone here is saying is that these laws are unjust.
    a 19 yeaar old kid should not have to spend 10 years in prison for some minor offense (and in this case i think the kid was a middleman rather than an actual dealer).

    probation, community service, fines. Thats all fair, but prison. NO.

    i hope he comes out of this ok. The article says he walks on cruthes.

    Also i think its rediculous how the article says he was selling a large amount of drugs. Since when is 24 hits of LSD a large amount. Not since the 70's or 80's. These days multiple hits are usually needed for a decent trip. IMO a large amount would be sheets.

    Hey fatal, what do u mean by "150s thinking NJ."
    NJ does not have more potent acid than the rest of the country. And contrary to popular belief, u do not know how many ug's are on each hit, and neither does your dealer.
    Also i have heard from a very reliable source that sheets meant for the general public are not laid to be very potent, considering kids like to drop multiple hits and there is more money to be made with weaker hits. 100ug tops, usually ~60-80ug.
  16. fatal
    completely missed this question a while back. the thought was that since new jersey runs on the same supply train the rest of new england does this kid probably got the standard white unperfs. the white fluff unperfs are very good (at least the ones swim and his buddies got). the dosage on the sheets was usually stated to be in the area of 150ug per hit. of course it is likely that perhaps the acid from that spoke in the wheel could have been a bit stronger (he has been known to deal with raw or concentrate on a regular basis and is quite insane... one of the best people there is) than the usual hits circulating that area. either way the 150s is what swim was used to and hopes that those in new jersey get the good treatment too. makes me think too... if they had charged him with sale of 100 milligrams of LSD in a school zone... 20 years would for sure be mandatory as a minimum upon conviction. and also while im here... time to make the point... the new methadone baby death thread proves my theory here... you will get more time for acid than dead babies... how wrong is that? (fatal puts on a bib and grabs a barbecue fork) :)e for a new line of work... who likes the dark meat?
  17. fatal
    oh and the great trick with the unperfs is that you can cut them thin and fucktard custy kids dont know the difference... some people are just mean... to swim it would be funnier to let them eat the whole dose and enjoy the show. someone first timing on 4 white on white fluff hits at 150 is no joke... or wait... yes it is... just not to most people... the point is as long as they know what they are getting into and no one gets hurt that didnt already have it coming that its all in good fun.
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