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  1. PillMan
    More than a 100 people marched through downtown Glace Bay carrying signs Wednesday night to draw attention to the problem of illegal drug use and crime in the community. Protesters believe drug sales are prompting an increase in assaults, theft and property damage.

    The community group Citizens for a Crime and Drug Free Glace Bay organized the march.
    "The community is falling deeper and deeper into an abyss and it's time to bring it to an end," said Cathy O'Neil who speaks for Citizens for a Crime and Drug Free Glace Bay.

    One senior at the march told the CBC's George Mortimer the drug use she's seen is shocking. Despite that, she said drug addicts will not keep her from walking around town. Moments later, she wouldn't give her full name to CBC because she was afraid of reprisals from drug dealers.

    "Our drug officers are probably one of the most dedicated in this province in this country," said Peter McIsaac, chief of the Cape Breton Regional Police. "They get information everyday and they act upon it."

    He called on people at the march to report any drug activity to the police. "This is a great sign of support we stand shoulder to shoulder with our citizens we do not have to put up with this activity and lets rid these communities of the people who destroy our children," said McIsaac.

    Protest Organizers said if illegal drug use in Glace Bay doesn't decrease, they'll hold another rally.



  1. profesor
    There seems to be an assumption by the police dept, and possibly the protesters, that rounding up a bunch of people and making arrests will solve the problems.
    What drugs are they even talking about, anyways?
    Hopefully the courts will do some follow up on arrested addicts, and I bet the area could use some more jobs, to get unemployment decreased (something not mentioned in the article, but I guarantee it's an issue there)
    I wish there was more context here. For one thing, it's a small, about 20,000 person community which actually dissolved its status as a town to be under the Cape Breton municipality, whatever that means, at the northern coast of Nova Scotia. Halfway between Maine and Newfoundland, I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't part of a drug smuggling route- although that's purely conjecture on my part.
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