$11 Million in Heroin Found in 18-Wheeler Pulled Over for Speeding

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    VICTORVILLE, Calif.— Police in California have discovered more than 200 pounds of heroin worth about $11 million in a tractor trailer they pulled over for speeding.

    The California Highway Patrol tells KABC-TV (http://bit.ly/2gFEVZp ) the truck was stopped Thursday morning in the high desert city of Victorville, about 80 miles from Los Angeles.

    Highway Patrol officers say they became suspicious when the driver began acting nervous.

    The CHP says a police dog sniffed out the drugs in the rear of the tractor-trailer rig. The drugs were packed in boxes marked with labels indicating they contained skin-care cream.

    Authorities believe the truck was headed to Canada.

    The driver was arrested for investigation of possession and transportation of narcotics.

    AP/Dec. 2, 2016
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