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€11 million of cocaine seized in Ireland

By D.U.M.B · Dec 17, 2004 · ·
  1. D.U.M.B
    Gardai (Irish for Cops/Police) in Dublin have seized cocaine with an estimated street value of €10 million.

    Detectives from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation stopped a car on the Naas Road this afternoon and after searching the car found €4 million worth of coke.

    In a follow-up search at a nearby premises another €6 million worth of cocaine was found. A man in his 30's has been arrested.

    In a seperate incident, another man was arrested at Dublin airport after he was caught with a suitcase containing cocaine with a street value of €1 million.

    That might be my plans for some nice coke for new years out the window, hopefully my connections aren't affected. Pretty big bust.


  1. Salim
    Thankfully I got mine in for the new year before this happened. [​IMG]
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