114 year old arrested for 6.5 tonnes of cannabis possession

By Waffa · Apr 3, 2009 · Updated Apr 4, 2009 · ·
  1. Waffa
    Lagos - Nigeria's anti-drugs agency has arrested a 114-year-old Nigerian man after finding 100 bags of cannabis behind his house in south-west Ogun state, a senior official said Saturday.

    Ndlea Ogun state director Chinyere Obijuru said Sulaimon Adebayo, who denied ownership of the illicit drug, was arrested at Odeda after a tip-off.

    "Imagine what could have happened if this drug had not been seized. Imagine the lives that would have been destroyed by this illicit drug," she queried.

    In November 2008 the agency seized 30 000kg of cannabis in 5923 bags in southern Edo state while in June 2008 it impounded 80 tonnes of cannabis in its largest single haul in the south-western city of Ibadan. - AFP

    javno.com speculates:
    "Sulaimon Adebayo, who denies that he owns the drugs, was arrested at the start of the week in his home in Odeda, in the Ogun state, said the director of the Nigerian agency for combating drugs, Chinyere Obijuru. The old man hid the drugs behind his house. It is not known if the drugs served for his own personal use or if he was really holding them for someone else."

    March 21 2009 / April 2
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  1. Greenport
    oH mUh GaWD Think of the LIVES that woulda been destroyed had people smoked pot. </sarcasm>

    And 114 years old? That person must be going for some kind of record o_O; Wonder if his life was destroyed by pot too...or just prolonged for a really really long time. What do you think? :p
  2. SWIM Bulgakov
    The title should be "Evil old fart one leg in grave plots do destroy young lives with his poisonous heritage."

    How do even arrest a 114-year-old?

    If all 6.5 tons were for personal use, it might explain his longevity.

    Oldest man on earth deals, best ever athlete smokes. I like that.
  3. Nature Boy
    There must be some kind of mistake. The world's oldest living man is Tomoji Tanabe from Japan who is 113 years of age having been born on 18 September 1895. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomoji_Tanabe
  4. Alfa
    I doubt that it is easy to verify the age of a person in Nigeria beyond doubt. So even if this man is 114, then he would not be considered the oldest man on earth.
  5. Waffa
    yeah, its like Nigerian is not really considered as homo sapience or something :p

    Nature Boy:

    ... here is same more oldest people: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldest_people
    & she is like oldest person in i can find, 122 years old: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Calment
  6. Greenport
  7. EyesOfTheWorld

    of course they are homo sapiens, but they are also a fourth world country. How good do you think their record keeping was 114 years ago?
  8. Nature Boy
    I was talking about the oldest living male human. I would be highly skeptical of a supposed 114 year-old man living in Nigeria. The average male life expectancy in that country is a mere 46.83. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy

    The article can't be taken seriously.
  9. Jasim
  10. cannabis-sam
    The list is probably of oldest varifiable men, he can be 114 without significant documentation to prove it and therefore be put on the oldest centenarians list.

    The article also says it was behind his house, he may have nothing to do with it.
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