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12 year old Boy Arrested at Playground Sandbox with Large Amount of Heroin

  1. chillinwill
    A 12-year-old boy was arrested by Berlin police Monday evening after he was discovered to be carrying 150 small packets of heroin at a playground.

    Plainclothes officers became suspicious of the boy when they noticed him rummaging around the sand of a playground in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. When they tried to approach the youth and speak to him, he attempted to flee, police spokesman Martin Otter told The Local.

    The officers managed to restrain the child and search him, at which point they discovered he was carrying 150 packets of heroin and a “large” quantity of cash.

    “Let’s just say that for a 12-year-old, he had a lot of money on him,” Otter told The Local.

    The boy is a resident of a children’s home but has never had any past problems with police, Otter said. Police are trying to determine whether the boy was dealing the drugs himself or carrying the drugs and cash for someone else.

    Kreuzberg has a thriving drug scene mostly concentrated around Kottbusser Tor, not far from where the boy was arrested. Otter said uniformed and plainclothes police are constantly patrolling the area to monitor the situation but said the officers were shocked at the boy’s age.

    “This is a total exception, most people in the drug scene in Kreuzberg are quite a bit older,” Otter said.

    The boy has been returned to the children's home while police continue their investigation.

    July 28, 2009
    The Local


  1. RedBaron
    The fact that a drug dealer trusted a 12 year old kid with that much heroin and responsibility seems like some of the dumbest shit i've ever heard of. Was the plan to get the German youth addicted? Or simply let the kid hold your product and get hustled or beat up by any junkie thats looking for his next fix.......
  2. Space Numpty
    :eek: SWIM's gonna start mugging school kids!
  3. missparkles
    Not sure any dealer I've known would let a kid carry any money. They'd be around to take any cash he had, there's no risk carrying money, just being in possession of heroin. Sparkles has known some street savvy 12 year olds, some would mug their granny if there was money in it for them.
    150 packets is a lot though, could the authorities be exaggerating the amount perhaps?
    Wouldn't be the first time...they exaggerated a sentence Sparkles had once, they exaggerated it from 6-12 months. :eek:
    Sparkles. :vibes:
  4. Space Numpty
    haha SWIM exaggerated his sentance from 8 years to not guilty w0000t
  5. missparkles
    Lucky fucka.:laugh:
  6. EscapeDummy
    ROFL, did the kid have any sort of defense? A knife, gun, club perhaps? Imagine the reaction of the neighborhood junkies when they hear a 12-year-old's got a shit load of H, rofl. I mean, my little brother is around 12. 12 Year olds are not very big or strong lol.

    Seriously though, that's fucked up. Why is a 12 year old selling heroin?
  7. cra$h
    or even smart.... Wonder if the kid's actually 12. There's a big difference if you add 2-3 yrs.
  8. missparkles
    That's a good point.
    You just can't believe anything the fuckin' media tell you. :mad:
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