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12 year old boy arrested for crushed aspirin

  1. chillinwill
    A 12-year-old Lombard Middle School boy was arrested Monday at school for attempting to sell crushed aspirin.

    According to police reports, the boy told other students he snorted the crushed aspirin up his nose. An assistant principal at the school gave police a baggie of white powder and two aspirin pills she confiscated from the boy. It field tested negative for cocaine.

    While being interviewed by police, the boy was laughing and said he thought it was a joke. The boy was arrested for possession of a look-alike substance and released to the custody of his parents. He was referred to teen court.

    Susan Kaufman
    February 9, 2010


  1. Nnizzle
    So this does exist??? I always wondered what would happen if I just carried an unmarked bag of baking soda or sugar on my person at all times.

    On a happy note though, at least he will be anti-inflammed for a few hours.
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