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138 kilos of acid-laced chocolate seized on Ibiza

  1. chillinwill
    According to some Spanish newspapers, 44-year-old Tjalling van K.V. was "one of the largest drug barons in Europe" and "Ibiza's biggest ecstasy dealer".

    Van K.V. has lived on the Spanish island, famous for its party scene, for the past eight years. He was known to the locals as "Carlos".

    Police got suspicious when a truckload of 138 kilogrammes of chocolate arrived at the Ibiza port last week from the Spanish mainland. The chocolate was unbranded and marked only as "pure chocolate". The two truck drivers said they had hallucinations after they tasted the chocolate. Each of the 5,000 bars of chocolate was found to contain LSD.

    A police officer disguised as a truck driver took the shipment to Van K.V.'s house in Platja d'en Bossa. When the Dutchman took possession of the shipment he was immediately arrested. At his house, police found 32,000 ecstasy pills, 12 kilogrammes of methamphetamine and 12,000 euro in cash.

    Van K.V. claimed he was holding the shipment for a friend.

    By ANP
    July 6, 2009
    NRC Handelsblad


  1. twoiko
  2. Rainbowzz
    " He said he was holding it for a friend."

    Uhhhh.. yeah.... because holding thousands of dollars for a friend is usually how it goes:laugh:
  3. ThirdEyeFloond
  4. twoiko
    I suppose it would depend on who printed those sheets of paper above the displays of drugs in that picture... Because that's what I'm referring to. Also it's spelled "CRISTAL" in that picture, but that may be the language they're using.
  5. Sugar1
    Woah that's a lot of drugs. Good drugs at that. But swim has never heard or this lsd chocolate anyone seen or heard of it before?
  6. rhcpeppers1234
    You can lace just about anything edible with lsd....as long as it will absorb the liquid. Swim personally hasnt had chocolate but he has had sweet tarts, lemon wedges (the gummy candy) and mints.
  7. CoryInJapan
    Acid Candy bars sounds awesome.

    Real shame that many drugs was in the wrong hands.
  8. Sven99
    Don't worry. Big chunks of it will most likely find their way back onto the street, if they haven't already.
  9. Raoul duke420
    Swim hates to hear of pigs seizing good old LSD : (
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