14kg of cannabis found in secret rooms

By buseman · Jun 3, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    NOT even false doors on secret rooms could hide a hydroponic drugs set-up from Imbil Police.

    Armed with a tip-off and the help of Gympie intelligence officers, Imbil's Sergeant Terry Kennedy and Senior Constable Bill Greer headed to a McIntosh Creek Road property early yesterday morning.

    What they found, about 7am, was a shed which had been modified to conceal more than a quarter of a millon dollars worth of drugs.

    On entering the structure, the officers used the information they gathered and soon realised there were two hidden rooms each about five by five metres square.

    Bales of hay were positioned to conceal both rooms but, upon further investigation, police found an entrance leading to an elaborate hydroponic cannabis growing set-up.

    They located about 30 medium-sized plants in varying stages of maturity and enough dried cannabis to fit into seven large police evidence bags.

    Snr Const Greer said the set-up included lights and fans for ventilation, along with a large amount of fertiliser to feed the plants.

    A man, 42, who lived at the residence and who was at work at the time of the raid was later arrested and charged with producing and possessing dangerous drugs and being in possession of property used to cultivate dangerous drugs.

    Sgt Kennedy said the dried cannabis was found in a separate room from the plants. He thanked the public for their continued efforts in helping police stop the distribution of drugs in the community.

    Snr Const Greer said the haul was a sizeable amount and worth about a quarter of a million dollars.

    In all, 14 kilos of dried cannabis was recovered estimated to be worth $138,000 and 30 plants worth about $150,000.

    Sgt Kennedy said it was a “fair amount” of drugs that now wouldn't reach the streets.

    He had gone to a lot of effort and expense to conceal it, he said.

    Carly Morrissey
    3rd June 2010

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