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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    15,800kg contraband seized in Karachi

    KARACHI - Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) claimed on Monday to have seized 15,800 kilograms of chemical that can be used in heroin.

    ANF staff, on a tip-off some reliable sources, searched the container and successfully recovered a huge cache of chemical from a ship of the neighbouring country on Port Qasim.

    “This was a major victory for the ANF as it is the world record” adding earlier in 2008, ANF had also seized 15,000kg of Acetic Anhydride from the container in the Port Qasim.

    The officer further said that the country’s name from where it was smuggled couldn’t be disclosed; adding that no arrest was made and they were looking for the persons involved in the smuggling of the chemical.

    Separately, ANF arrested three persons named Ajmal Shah, Syed Rehman and Khalid Khan and recovered 27 thousand kilogram Opium worth million of rupees and 12 kilograms Hashish during a raid at Tool Plaza in an intercity passenger coach bearing registration number C-1675 arrived from Mardan.

    The case has registered against culprits.

    Published: March 23, 2010


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