15 y/o boy rapes 65 y/o disabled man while intoxicated on mephedrone & vodka

By Rob Cypher · Nov 22, 2012 · ·
  1. Rob Cypher
    A 15-year-old boy has been jailed after raping a disabled male pensioner while 'out of his own mind' on a cocktail of vodka and the drug MCAT (mephedrone).

    Ben O’Neill pushed his terrified victim, 65, into a field before attacking him, forcing him to perform a sex act on him and then attempting to rape him again.

    His elderly victim was unable to fight back as he suffers from a condition which restricts the use of his limbs, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

    The judge took the unusual step of naming and releasing a photo of the teenager because of the seriousness of the crime.

    O’Neill was jailed indefinitely for 'public protection' but must serve at least three-and-a-half years behind bars after a judge heard the drunk and drug-crazed teenager had subjected his victim to the sickening ten minute assault on August 4, saying 'We’re going to have some fun together.'

    He pleaded guilty to three serious sexual assault charges, plus two charges of robbery and charge of theft.

    Hours earlier, O’Neill and an accomplice had been involved in the robbery of a mobile phone from a 24-year-man.

    The robbery occurred on the site of the old Sherwood Colliery when the pair, who were part of a larger group, followed the 24-year-old. The first male - who was never identified - hit the victim around the head with a bottle before O’Neill grabbed him in a bear hug.

    The victim fell to the floor and was kicked unconscious, although he recalled O’Neill ordering the other perpetrator to stop because the victim was disabled. The victim later woke up and realised his mobile phone and keys were missing.

    The next morning, O’Neill was part of a group who entered Cox’s Supermarket in Mansfield Woodhouse at around 6.30am, with O’Neill stealing a bottle of vodka.

    Around 90 minutes later and still carrying the stolen vodka, he approached the disabled 65-year-old victim near an allotment site, before escorting him to a field.

    O’Neill made the man perform a sex act on him as well committing rape and attempted rape.

    Following the ordeal, O’Neill asked the man if he had any money on him and took his mobile phone before throwing it away. He then ordered him lay down until he had left the area.

    O’Neill then went to a house in Vale Road in which he knew the occupants, but stole a laptop a short time later. In the process he left the vodka bottle behind.

    He was later arrested and initially denied the charges until forensic evidence was found on the vodka bottle.

    Defending, Adrian Langdale said O’Neill had a difficult upbringing and was physically abused as a small child by his mother’s former drug-addicted partner.

    He had gone to live with his grandparents which Mr Langdale said were 'the only stable force in this life', but he was eventually diagnosed of suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at the age of 13 and put on medication to combat the illness.

    Mr Langdale said in the six months leading up to committing these crimes, he had begun to take the mind-altering class-B drug MCAT, was smoking cannabis and drinking.

    Mr Langdale said: 'One can only guess what it did when it was mixed with ADHD. It was in that state of mind that he committed these offences. He was in no way in his own mind and is shocked, disgusted and sickened by what he did.'

    He also argued that the motive behind the sexual offences was not for sexual gratification, but rather to degrade and humiliate the victim. This was agreed by Judge Milmo.

    The judge jailed him for three years and four months for the robbery, rejecting the claim that it was not premeditated after arguing O’Neill and his unnamed assailant had followed the victim. He then jailed him for three years and eight months for the three sexual offences.

    He said he must serve at least three-and-half years in total, and would only be released when he was deemed no longer a risk to the public. He must also sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

    Judge Milmo said: 'I can’t form a reliable view that an extended detention would achieve the protection of the public from serious harm.'

    Detective Constable Tony Lee, from the Mansfield Rape Team, said: 'The men O’Neill attacked continue to have problems to this day and the impact his violent and cruel crimes had on them cannot be understated. O’Neill had been drinking vodka and taking 'MCAT' (mephedrone) during his two-day crime spree, which had a significant impact on his behaviour. The alcohol and drugs was a recipe for disaster, and innocent people paid the price. He will have to live with what he’s done, and the pain and suffering he’s caused, for the rest of his life. I hope that today will signal an end to this incredibly painful chapter in the lives of his victims and they can at least take some comfort in the fact that he’s had to answer for what he did.'


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  1. runnerupbeautyqueen
    I don't believe he was "out of his mind."

    He was able to steal the vodka without getting caught so he was still in his mind at that point. It could be argued that after he drank the vodka he went "out of his mind" but he was still coherent enough to go steal a laptop. And he knew enough to take the man to an empty field and to tell him to lay down until he was gone. Not to mention all the other shit he still managed to do.

    It said he raped and attempted to rape the man. How is it both? Did he rape him and then went to rape him again but couldn't?

    'I can’t form a reliable view that an extended detention would achieve the protection of the public from serious harm.'

    So what he's saying is that he doesn't think that locking the kid for longer period of time will protect the public? Am I not understanding this correctly because it makes no sense to me. Dealers get locked up for much longer to protect the public but locking up this kid who runs around raping helpless old men and stealing and robbing people wont help protect the public? I have to be missing some piece of information here.
  2. nitehowler
    This bloke will get the punishment he deserves in jail from inmates.

    The law seems to always be less forgiving to those committing non violent crimes.

    This scumbag is the lowest of the low and ime sure the boyz will fix him up real good.
  3. hookedonhelping
    I agree, he will surely become someones bitch at some point. Initially he will probably kept in isolation due to his age, but once he reaches general population he will get all the rape play he can handle, and then some.

    Sad state of affairs in the world today. People blame their drug use for behaviors that clearly seem innate.
  4. al-k-mist
    oh he will get all he wants, then he can 'have some fun"
    and as runnerupbeautyqueen mentioned, he was coherent enough to do all of the stealing, making dude lie down and taking his phone
    wait, where are all the people saying he deserves help, that his family abused him, so he has an excuse. Im sure there are df kids who are super liberal like that.
    Anyone want to make a long term bet, for 10$ donated here? I bet he is charged with another sex crime within 4 years of release. CHARGED. He will do it much sooner, but will be caught and charged within 4 yrs
  5. godztear
    You definitely do not have to be of sound mind in order to steal something or rape someone, so I have a hard time understanding where some of the above posters feel you cannot do so if you are "out of your mind" or "severely under the influence." People get so inebriated all the time to where they have no idea what they are doing, no matter how they are managing to do it, and then have no recollection of it at all. (see the movie The Hangover for perfect examples)

    3 years does seam light when you consider the severity of the crime. The article is very clear in what occurred, which was first obviously a fully committed act of rape, then after some thought, he tried again to rape the victim and for whatever reason could not. Had he been able to get hard or whatever, he would have raped the man again, and possibly again as many times as he was able. This to me shows there was plenty of intent and if this guy gets out and finds himself at a bar, I feel very sorry for someone who may come across his company. This guy getting raped in prison will not solve anything, and quite possibly have the opposite effect of enraging this man like a shaken bottle of cola waiting to explode.
  6. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Is prison rape a common thing? I always thought people said that to scare kids. Excuse my naivety.

    Remember the "teacher has sex parties with her students and blames alcohol, zoloft (I think), and her vegan diet?" The judge in that case said "if you put something in your body that causes you to "go out of your mind" that you are still responsible for those actions.

    I'm sure people here know what it's like to be fucked on benzos and waking up to find you did stuff you have no recollection of. Those things are usually along the lines of microwaving 6 tv dinners and eating none of them, rearranging furniture, calling people, falling down, throwing up, driving, etc. Raping an old man on a crime spree does not, imo, fall under the umbrella of "oops, sorry- I was fucked up."
  7. Denial of Soul
    Just because you were abused and take drugs is an excuse for raping and beating an old man? I really hope that defense doesn't work. My view: commit a violent offense that isn't self-defense you should go to prision. Keep the non-violent out of prison make them pay a fine and keep the violent scum bags like this locked up.
  8. Denial of Soul
    There is no place in normal modern society for violence. Stories like these sometimes make me ashamed to be a part of the same species as this garbage.
  9. nitehowler
    Thats for shore guys this blokes gone too far and if the courts can't serve just punishment i am sure the good old lynch mob will catch up with him/.
  10. Rob Cypher
    In America? Depends on its designated 'security' level and whether or not it's a jail or a prison (very rare in jail as people are typically serving short sentences and aren't generally trying to accumulate more time). There are enough 'willing' participants in a typical prison for it to be uncommon (but not unheard of).
  11. nitehowler
    In most prisons rape is not common at all except in protection where the lowest form of prisoners are kept cause they would get killed by the normal prison population.

    Prisoners in protection are usually there for their own safety and have been put there for turning informant (dogging) or for child and sex crimes.Protection prisoners get all sorts of treatment from the general prison population including spat on shit on food poisoned buyups stolen or not ordered
    bashed and sometimes killed if mistakenly let in the same area which happens lots.Drugs extorted from.
    Many protection prisoners wont come to any area that they can be seen by the general population because once identified will be killed when seen on the street.

    Most inmates that commit rape on fellow inmates in general prison population get their heads caved in and are sent to protection for their safety.
    Protection is the putrid of the putrid the rapist the child sex offenders and the informants,this is were
    all the sad shit happens.
    General population is where the bad shit happens.
  12. N0rthrnCa707
    ...some serious on another level bs. That is just blueprints for future homes. He will strike again.
  13. myselfni
    the truth is abominations like that cretin do not recieve the hellish time the general public from the moraly just junkie's and burglars of this world, they are segregated instantly and rule 43'd onto a VP wing were the rest of the monsters are and chat about their crimes. if only it were true for everyone of them but we must look after their human rights and protect them from any harm. The world has definately ceased to function correctly
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