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150 research chemicals banned before christmas

By anj0vis, Dec 22, 2014 | Updated: Dec 23, 2014 | | |
  1. anj0vis
    The original legal document is here:

    EU court ruled that keeping research chemicals as pharmaceuticals was not legal, thus making all non-drug research chemicals practically legal in the whole EU. This court rule happened last summer and now some EU countries are pushing all pharmaceutical research chemicals to actual drugs. The list is long, including some of my personal all time favorites 2C-E, miprocin (4-HO-Mipt), mipracetin (4-Aco-Mipt), methocin (4-HO-Met), DOC, DPT, moxy (5-Meo-Mipt), some which I have never heard like N-ethyl-2C-B and a bunch of old ones like 5-Meo-DMT or Harmine. It is effective since 2014-12-20.

    edit: after closer inspection, the move is not to make them on the same level as LSD or other full drugs, but to increase the penalties of the pharmaceuticals belonging to this groups of listed chemicals. So in effect, they are something between drugs and pharmaceuticals and in law enforcement something that has not really existed earlier in Finland.


  1. Basoodler
    How does EU law work in comparison to the existing laws in the individual member countries?

    A large portion of the drugs on that list have already made their rounds and were specifically banned in several western countries over the past few years..

    So has the EU put all of the member's lists together and created a giant combined "List of lists" to rule them all?
  2. Amazing Jeans
    Can someone explain this in simple Enlgish please. :)

    So all research chemicals are now legal in the EU?
  3. Basoodler

    What the Hell?
  4. 5-HT2A
    I also do not understand exactly what the OP is saying.
  5. Cwb20022
    I think it was a loophole in the law. Th EU said any research chemical not approved as a legitimate drug cannot be considered as such. Therefore any that wasn't an approved drug was technically legal. Now some countries are changing these research chemicals into"drugs" so they can be controlled.

    That's what i get at least. Although even though technically legal. I doubt this was taken advantage of. Please let me know if I'm wrong.
  6. anj0vis
    Correct, EU court ruled exactly as mentioned, new research chemicals cannot be considered actual pharmaceuticals without proper investigation for that purpose. So in some countries (like in whole scandinavia and baltics afaik) these research chemicals that were not yet banned under the actual drug laws were not possible to be seized by customs ad-hoc by presenting them as pharmaceuticals. This new law in Finland is now a counteraction to prevent ordering research chemicals via postal services and set some penalties for importing them (maximum one year in prison for importing them, compared to maximum 10 years for real drugs is still rather low, so they are not on the same level). Afaik, majority of research chemicals coming to baltics and scandinavia are coming via some other routes. I hope this clears some issues.
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