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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    151 Literws wine, 2 KG Hashish 1 pistol recovered from Drug Traffickers
    Chitral police seized liquor arrested accused drug trafficker

    CHITRAL: Chitral police seized liquor in huge quantity and arrested one drug smuggler. According to Station Head Officer (SHO) police Station Chitral Nisar Khan Chitral police was informed by informer that a drug trafficker have dumped narcotics in huge quantity at his house at Orghuch and want to supply it to other parts of Chitral.

    District Police Officer (DPO) Chitral Muhammad Jaafar Khan directed SHO police station who detailed police party to raid on the house of Mujeebur Rehman son of Noor Wali Khan resident of Orghuch Chitral Police party in supervision of SHO Nisar Khan raided successfully and seized 151 Liters wine, 2 Kg Hashish and 1 Pistol recovered from the house of Mujeebur Rehman of Orghuch. They also arrested Ziaur Rehman son of Muneer Khan resident of Chamarkun accomplice of Mujeeb. Talking to this scribe SHO Nisar Khan told that the most notorious drug trafficker Mujeebur Rehman success to escape from the scene hence we seized drugs and pistol recovered from his house and arrested his partner Ziaur Rehman he added.

    Chitral police lodged FIR and started further investigations.

    It is added that a few months back former SHO police station Chitral was badly beaten by a drug smuggler at Chitral. Hence social and political circle of the area are complaining that Chitral police badly failed in eradicating social evils, narcotics from the area. Hence they appreciated this step of newly arrived DPO Chitral M. Jaafar Khan who honestly trying to eradicate these social evils and discouraging drug traffickers at Chitral.

    by G. H. Farooqui
    January 08, 2010



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