170lbs of pot busted

By Pinkavvy · May 10, 2007 · ·
  1. Pinkavvy
    Trooper seizes 170 pounds of marijuana near Pendleton
    Posted by The Oregonian May 09, 2007 22:45PM
    A state trooper seized about 170 pounds of marijuana from a car Tuesday during a traffic stop on Interstate 84 near Pendleton, Oregon State Police said.

    The trooper stopped the car about 2 p.m. on suspicion of following too closely and changing lanes unlawfully, said Lt. Greg D. Sherman. The trooper's dog detected drugs, and the trooper found the marijuana in 12 wrapped bales, valued at $400,000 to $500,000, in the trunk.

    The trooper also found a small amount of cocaine in the driver's pocket, Sherman said.

    The driver, identified as Ramon Giron Pimentel, 50, of Toppenish, Wash., was arrested on various drug counts.

    --Elizabeth Suh


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  1. snapper
    Damn, have these people not watched Cops !?
  2. darawk
    The officer's dog alerted him to these drugs...? That would constitute an illegal search I believe...
  3. Veteran Joker
    Still, he got busted. It's his fault for attracting attention from someone paid to arrest people and get a conviction.
  4. Pinkavvy
    Don't let the lies of the media destract you from what is happening here. The man had a bad day. A really bad day. Was he "following to closely" or changing lanes without signal? Who knows. I've seen cops fabricate more for reason to pull somebody over. These cops aren't on the road to protect and serve the driver, they are on the road to FIND any reason to pull suspicious looking people over and then find a reason to search their vehicle.

    It's odd the story doesn't give much detail about how the whole situation went down. Did he consent to a dog search? When was that dog last tested? Perhaps the cop cued the dog to alert. With a 54% correct "alerting" ratio of K9 drug officers, how can they still be considered enough probably cause for a search?

    The poor guy had a bad day, and is yet another victim in the war against drugs.
  5. Alfa
    If SWIP has more info on this, that would surely be interesting and may help people in future cases. If SWIP has such info, then please add to a dedicated thread.
  6. fnord
    Quote:The poor guy had a bad day, and is yet another victim in the war against drugs.

    swim really hopes this guys lawyers can work some magic,he wishes him well and good luck.
  7. AntiAimer
    Yeah seems people don't learn, where's the common sense? It's like when people get scared when there high and a cop pulls on the side of them. Your doing nothing wrong, there's no reason for them to pull you over.

    Also to add, the following to close law is loosey enforced. Most forget all about the 1 cars length away.(or is it 2?)

    The moral of the story is? Don't be a idiot, specially when your riden dirty.
  8. fnord
    i think the real point of this story is that no matter what a cop WILL find a excuse to pull you over,regardless of wether or not your driveing fine or silly.if a cop wants to pull you over to check you out he will.
  9. Pinkavvy
    It's not as simple as swiy thinks. Swip personally knows many people who regularly drive hundreds and hundreds of miles with large ammounts of weed. They are all the BEST drivers one could meet. But, occasionally, one of them gets popped. Sometimes from a split second of poor judgement at the wrong time, sometimes from nothing at all. Over the last year swip has know 3 people to get illegaly profiled and searched. You sayd if "your doing nothing wrong, there's no reason for them to pull you over." That's assuming that they are simply out to enforce traffic laws, which is the lowest priority for state patrol and highway patrol officers. Their number 1 priority is to find drugs. They look for reasons to pull one over, or they make up a reason that can't be proven or proven wrong like "following to closely." They then brute their way into a search sometimes placing the person under arrest on simple "smell" and bring a k9 unit in. The k9 unit is a toy that can "alert" to drugs when cued to do so, etc. All it takes is for a officer with "proper experience" meaning been on the job for about a year or more, to "smell drugs" to be able to detain you and search the vehicle.

    It's great swiy and their friends have drivin across town a hundred times without breaking any traffic laws and haven't been caught. That's fantastic. But before you step up and talk shit about people who do what this guy does, make sure you understand how it works. Get out on the open highway and drive 1200+ miles 5 times a week and then come back and talk to me about "ridden dirty." You can drive and safely and legaly as possible and evently with driving that much they will figure out a reason or make one up to get you.

    Rather than talking shit about this rebel souldier of the drug-war, how about understand that he is yet another victim in the U.S. governments war on drugs. What's worse is that non-violent drug "traffiker" will be placed into prison with violent criminals and murderers, becuase the U.S. government considers "drug traffikers" to be just as bad as violent criminals. In fact, swiy could rob a bank, and not be placed in the same cells as murderes, as long as swiy isn't violent doing it. But driving a little pot across the country can get you a roomate that killed their family.
  10. senorsalvia
    Didn't the US Supreme court just recently rule that having a dog present at a stop is allowed???? Didn't the Supreme Court also rule that if a dog alerts, then it's not unreasonable search and seizure and the bust is good.... SWIM is damn sure that happened within the last year or so.... Side note: Of course the cops manipulate the scene to make it appear legal (following to close, I smelled dope etc) Jeez, that's a given.... Bottom line is if trafficking, either make the runs in amounts you can afford to toss away/get rid of, or, structure a shipping plan with some sense. SWIM knows of a deal where a guy bribed the dispatcher of a trucking firm. End result was that some guy placed nearly 150K worth of smoke and psychedelics into a semi that drove overnite from Houston to Chicago... When the semi neared his destination, the dispatcher called the driver, had him meet a guy and hand him the cargo door key, while the driver went for a meal... Guy moved the product/driver finished his meal, guy gave driver, $500 USD--- Everybody smiled and went home stress free.............:smoker: (< ------- sal
  11. snapper
    SWIM agrees, but has known too many idiots who drive aggressively while carrying. An alternate scenario would be, rail a line of coke for the road, get stuck behind Grandma in her 1980s lincoln townboat, get annoyed and start to tailgate her, then pass her really close and fast (flipping her the bird as he goes by), at which point a cop happens to see. SWIM knows what Pinkaavy is saying, but often people DO attract attention to themselves. Needless to say, SWIM can only feel great empathy for anyone busted with this much quantity of harmless plant material (SWIM can see the headline now - "enough weed to turn the entire city of portland into schizophrenics...").
    Anyways, drive safe and sound when carrying pounds (just made that up! they should put that in the DMV manual). Even if cops will pull you over for no reason, driving like an idiot will only make it more likely...
  12. AntiAimer
    Again not being a idiot all comes into play...you said, "Sometimes from a split second of poor judgement at the wrong time" "placing the person under arrest on simple "smell" still counts. Knowing your rights is also indeed handy when pulled over for no reason. Smurf didn't talk "shit" ,simply just stated a no brainer which is true more then not. So many things that can prevent a arrest, just most people don't know there rights and also are way to nervous around cops. Yes they CAN get you very simple but that's why you make it hard for them. Like not driveing with 170 pounds all in one car, not haveing a strong odor linger, not being overly nervous, following all the laws, knowing how to answer there dumb questions and so on. Doing so USUALLY, not always, leads to a simple traffic stop.

    Also you brung up something off topic, wont even go there should already know Smurfs feeling on that. Which is no one should be going to jail or fined EVER for Marijuana.
  13. x cynic x
    Very unfortunate for him, Swim knows people who have been pulled over for ridiculous claims only to be violated by prying officers, anxious to pounce on the goods. Swim had this friend a while back who never smoked marijuana but used cocaine from time to time. He was pulled-over while driving out of a town with a bad history of drug distribution, which was the obvious reason for the quandary. The officers said he looked like he was 'High', even though he was not. These conniving officers barbarically raider his vehicle only to discover somewhere near an ounce of cocaine, a successful day in their eyes, greatly afflicting to Swims friend though. Some people need to do wrongfully in order to benefit themselves, and ironically their unjustified actions are committed in the name of the law.
  14. hoodabudda
    just imagine what he was feeling when he saw the lights in the rearview....
  15. fnord
    just imagine what he was feeling when he saw the lights in the rearview....

    im sure some of us could :(
  16. UberDouche
    A most unfortunate situation.

    Is it avoidable? SWIM thinks not.

    SWIM believes this touches on issues of control. Not control of the personal variety (speed, don't speed, full-stop, no stop), but the conrol that SWIM doesn't have over the rest of the universe with all its pitfalls and pranks. Chance and unforeseen circumstance befall every man. No one is immune.

    For instance, for the sake of argument let's say that SWIM is driving drunk. Let's also say that SWIM is obeying all of the traffic laws and that SWIM's driving, to an outside observer, appears absolutely perfect. Let's also assume that the very real possibility of an officer of the law manufacturing a reason to pull SWIM over does not exist in this alternate universe.

    In spite of all this, all of a sudden - BANG! - somebody in a BIG HURRY runs a red light and then runs into SWIM! SWIM's plan was a good one, in this alternate universe, but SWIM had no control over that other person and as such, may now have to contend with all the ramifications of a DUI.

    SWIM doesn't mean to say one shouldn't exercise due diligence in one's affairs, but one should not believe one's self to be immune to this immutable law of the universe at large.
  17. Alfa
  18. Salvinorin A
    This is completely the driver's fault. 170lbs or not....a changing lanes and following closely shouldn't lead to a bust.

    The driver needs to visit flexyourrights.org He would have got away just fine if he had exercised his rights. Even with a dog barking, that just tells the cop he needs to try harder to violate the suspect's rights.

    Wait, if the officer has probable cause (smells weed on the guy), is it legal to search? or just perform a sobriety test?

    And swim just wants to point out....the officers name is "Sherman" :laugh:

  19. fnord
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