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  1. beena
    18 Lines…
    I need a tube, that tenner will do
    Use that knife to cut it up fine
    That line is yours, but this one is mine
    Inhaling it hard, the powder shoots up
    It burns my nose, I pass the tube to you
    You take some coke and snort it up too
    I feel it drip down the back of my throat
    Need a drink? I’ll fetch us some wine
    Pour it out whilst you take a line
    Listen to music? What do you like?
    I’ve got blues, I’ve got jazz, but no drum ‘n’ bass
    I want soft music - You want something with pace
    We settle on ‘Moby’, a fusion of dance and of blues
    Like my sound system? It cost me a bit
    You check it out whilst I take a hit
    “Can I have some more”, you say, “I’m coming down you say”
    “But there’s no more left”, I promise, I’m not being mean
    How many lines have we had? Well, about eighteen.



  1. savingJenniB
    very nice . . .
    I can hear the music in the background . . .

    Some Kind of Blue ~ Miles Davis & Keith Jarrett
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