19 kilos of cocaine slipped through, local investigators mount probe

By buseman · Jun 17, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    The local drug enforcement agencies have teamed up to conduct a thorough investigation into a shipment of some 19 kilograms of cocaine that arrived in the United States of America from Guyana.

    Reports are that on June 2, last, several packets of Kerrygold milk powder filled with cocaine were found in a suitcase at the JFK Airport.

    A Guyanese woman, Chandinee Seegobin, has since been arrested in the US. The woman arrived at the JFK airport on a Delta Airlines Flight 384 from Georgetown, Guyana. A suitcase baring her name tag was found with the prohibited substance but she never turned up to retrieve the suitcase.

    Meanwhile Head of the Custom Anti Narcotics Unit, James Singh, said that all parties responsible for drug enforcement are a part of the investigation. He said the bust in the US does not say that the local arms are not doing their job since there have been several local busts after the June 2 bust in the US.

    He added as the investigation continues no stone will be left unturned to find which system failed.

    According to Singh despite his organization’s relentless effort in combating the drug trade people remain bent on continuing the trade.

    Only last weekend a US citizen was found with some six kilograms of cocaine while attempting to board a flight destined for the United States.

    He has since been sentenced to four years imprisonment and fined $4.5 M.
    And another quantity of cocaine was intercepted at the CJIA on board a Roraima Airways charted flight. The cocaine was packed in a FedEx package.

    In addition only recently the Home Affairs Minister had lauded the efforts of the drug enforcement agency for cracking a major drug ring at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

    Meanwhile this recent bust comes on the heels of the pink suitcase saga in which one woman Dorothy Sears was charged in the US and four persons charged locally.

    JUNE 17, 2010

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