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  1. torachi
    Heroin, cannabis and cocaine-like substances currently not covered by the ban will not be given the opportunity to no longer poison

    Zaman 13 October 2010, the last 30 years, received only 7 substance drug list after announcing its move in the last Ministry of Health, to conclude the work. Than 19 new article published in the Official Gazette of drugs were included in the decision of the Council of Ministers. The updated list of drugs commonly used in Europe 'phenethylamine' group, nexus, venus, buromo, Eros has also been added as ingredients.

    Turkey under the Ministry of the Interior Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (TUBIM) within the Early Warning System for Risk Assessment Committee urgently convened in October of last year.

    New agents met the committee, presented the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical General Directorate. Ministry commented the Council of Ministers to ban the substances.

    Published in the Official Gazette yesterday the decision of the Council of Ministers amended the Law on supervision of drug were included in the list of 19 new drug substance.

    Internet regulation 'herbal product' he sold cannabis 4 times more effective drug is banned by JWH-18. The renewed list yet been encountered in Turkey, but it is widely used in Europe 'phenethylamine' group, nexus, venus, buromo, Eros has also been added as ingredients.

    List 'khat' or 'grass Yemen, known as cathine, around the world which are not allowed to use 'catha edulis' input by drugs. This article is free to train and use in Yemen, the United States and Canada banned.

    Narcotics teams, 14 October 2010, Ataturk Airport, organized the two-person operation on foreign nationals had found 10 kilograms of khat material.

    'Amphetamines' is a derivative of the drug, this substance, yet still allowed in Turkey, for merchants of venom released. Irregularities in the nervous system, leading to insomnia by khat, an illegal substance known as doping. Catha edulis is used as the active ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry in the treatment of heart disease.

    Other substances into the list of the phenethylamine group 2C-B, 2C-P; synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018, CP 47.497, JWH-073, HU-210, JWH-200, -250 JWH, JWH - 398, JWH - 081, JWH - 073 methyl derivate, JWH - 015, JWH - 122, -203 JWH, JWH - 019 and cathinone.

    SALIH SARIKAYA - 19.02.2011



  1. Alfa
    So when did the cannabinoid ban take place?
  2. torachi
    Forgot to add the time stamp. The article is from Feburary 19, 2011, so somewhere around there. That part sure is unclear, doing more digging.
  3. torachi
    Goddamn the Turkish language is a pain in the ass.

    This is the best I could find that says "Yes, its banned." Any other article the translation is unclear if the option was still up for approval. Note that the site says its link is public for now, but when it's archived you gotta pay. Here is the translated (still pretty bad) text:


    Hope this helps.
  4. enquirewithin
    As if khat even did anything of any interest or harm to anyone!
  5. Phenoxide
    I am curious as to what they mean by JWH-073 methyl derivative. I presume that it is a 2' methylation on the indole rather than on the naphthyl ring, but that still raises the question of why JWH-073 has been singled out in this manner. JWH-018 could be derivatized in a similar fashion (i.e. into JWH-007, which is not on the list for scheduling).

    If the methylation is on the naphthyl ring then they are trying to schedule the N-butyl analogue of JWH-122, which I'm sure has a JWH-x name of its own (though off the top of my head I can't recall which one it would be). Seems odd to list it as JWH-073 methyl derivative without a chemical structure.
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