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£1m drug haul found in Telford meat delivery

By buseman, Jul 15, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A £1 million haul of illegal drugs was discovered in a delivery bound for a Shropshire meat company.

    About 15 UK Border Agency and police officers swooped on Wholesale Meat Sale, in High Street, Hadley, Telford, at about 10am yesterday as part of a drug smuggling investigation after the cannabis was found within a shipment which arrived in Dover from Spain.

    Store owner Dave Smith today said the UK Border Agency officers told him 405 kilogrammes of cannabis had been found with his meat.

    Mr Smith, 35, arrived at the store at 10.20am yesterday to find the raid unfolding.

    He said: There was some drugs found on a consignment with our meat. It was found in Dover as a separate package within our consignment of meat.

    I’m led to believe there was 405 kilogrammes of cannabis. They said it was worth a million pounds.

    The officers were already at the shop when I arrived and then I was taken for questioning.

    It was a bit of a shock but I had had a phone call prior to my arrival to say they were here.

    They have taken paperwork and computers, he added.

    Mr Smith, who has owned the store for two years and employs seven people, said he was arrested, quizzed and released on bail.

    Mr Smith added: I’m innocent and just hope the investigation is concluded as quickly as possible.

    I’m willing to help with the UK Border Agency investigation.

    A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said: The UK Border Agency carried out an operation in Telford on July 13 as part of a drug smuggling investigation. One man was arrested and bailed.

    It is understood the investigation is ongoing and could take several months to conclude.

    Witnesses said customers were stopped from going into the store while the investigation unfolded.

    One eye witness, who did not want to be named, said: They won’t let anyone in and there’s loads of police and other officers.

    They are checking all of the freezers but won’t tell anyone what is going on.

    The store re-opened yesterday afternoon.

    Wednesday 14th July 2010


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