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By Stiney · Jul 10, 2008 · ·
  1. Stiney
    Well I finally, with a little help from lostgirl, figured out how to start a blog, so this is me starting a blog. Turns out the problem was I wasn't re-signing in after clicking the little blog tab in the corner. Now I have never had an internet blog before, partialy because I have very little to say that I can verbalise, (or whatever the typed equivalent of verbalization is) and partially because I have several sisters, some of them kept diaries growing up, and I could not for the life of me understand how any one could create a written log of thier private thoughts and not expect it to be used against them at some stage, in some way, which is exactly what I did to them. But then I figured that my thoughts are usually so rambling and cyclical and........ehhmmm.......well let's face it completely lacking in anything resembling matter of any interest to anyone but myself that anyone who would attempt to view them let alone make any kind of record of them for use against me at a future date would surely either die of boredom or give themselves the old fork in the eye out of sheer frustration. So this will mainly be a record of thoughts verbalised (or whatever the typed equivalent of verbalisation is) by my chemically altered self (which is the only version of myself that can sit still for long enough to turn on a computer let alone type things into it), to my sober self (if he ever shows himself). Of course the paradox of how my sober self (when he eventually comes out of hiding) , us having already established that he can't sit still long enough to turn on a computer, will read the blog is a matter that will require some stratagising (that word looks unusual) and sober (nah just kidding) thought.

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  1. beena
    Welcome to the world of blogging! lol. nice first entry ... look forward to reading more of your musings (chemically-altered or not) in the future.
    Beena X
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