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By tramster · Aug 15, 2010 · ·
  1. tramster
    Another sleepless night due to dosing late in the afternoon on Tramadol again. Whenever swim takes Tramadol in the afternoon he can be sure he'll be so wired he won't sleep until about 3-4am. This is due to the very long half-life Tramadol has, the effects often last 10 hours or more.

    Whenever swim takes Tramadol late in the afternoon he will sleep late the next morning until about 9-10am and wake up feeling so terrible from the poor sleeping hours that he has to take Tramadol again upon waking just to function.

    When you wake up feeling bad or your mood is low, Tramadol is like a flicking a magic switch. Suddenly you feel alive again and full of energy with a positive glow. Lethargy disappears, and work, exercise, house chores, all become easier and effortless.

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  1. QvonB
    Hey sorry for barging in like this. Wasn't this Tramadol thing some type of analgesic ?! Cause remember a time when SWIQ had some surgery and they were giving the patient this for the post-surgery pains. Doesn't it also act as a relaxing/sedative or is SWIQ totally mistaken about the name ?

    Be safe, SWIMMER !:vibes:
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