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2.5 tons of amphetamine seized in Serbia

By Raz, Jan 5, 2008 | |
  1. Raz
    Amphetamine production valid 20 million Euros

    Belgrade – Investigation at the stock at 88d, Pancevacki put in which illegal laboratory for production of amphetamine was found on Saturday evening, shall last two weeks since the police have to work very carefully because of the dangerous substances stocked there, ‘Blic’ learns.

    According to unofficial information that ‘Blic’ managed to get, more than ten million pills could have been produced from the 2.5 tons of amphetamine that was ready for processing into pills. The value of that drug, depending on the country that it would be distributed to, would be 20 million Euros at least. The police are at the same time trying to identify the organizers and participants in the chain of amphetamine production and smuggling. Presently, only Mile Krnic, 46, of Pancevo (minor owner at ‘Jugobramont’ company) and Branislav Josic, 41, of Belgrade (‘Zodiak Trade’ director) have been arrested. The police are aware that these two are just the minor rings of the whole chain.

    Josic said to the investigation judge that the stock was frequently visited by strangers that he knew nothing about. He denied to have anything to do with the laboratory, but claimed only to have come to feed the dogs on the critical evening.

    It is believed that all substances used in production of this synthetic drug have been smuggled into Serbia, probably from the West Europe or China.
    The first results of the investigation indicate that the organizers of this illegal job are foreign nationals. The police are also investigating if other co-owners of ‘Jugobramont’ (Slovenian national Bruno Filipic is the major owner) knew that amphetamine was produced at the factory. The local people claim that cars with foreign registration plates were frequently visiting the factory.

    Author: A. Z. Adzic



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