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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    2 arrested with one ton of hashish in high speed sea chase

    The Guardia Civil of Almeria have arrested two men while they were unloading a ton of hashish from a boat onto a beach in the Cabo de Gata region.

    45 year old Antonio Manuel M.R from El Ejido and 39 year old Jose Angel R.M. from Cordoba were seized be police in possession of 930 kilos of hashish, in bundles, being unloaded from a launch on a beach in Cabo de Gata natural park.

    Police detected a suspicious launch eight nautical miles off the coast and followed it until it reached land.

    Once there they ordered a land based team to surround the beach and arrest the men.

    The men, having spotted the police, attempted to abandon the drugs and scrambled aboard the launch to escape by sea.

    However, high speed patrol boats cut off the launch and policemen boarded the boat during a high speed chase.

    Police were forced to overcome the two drug smugglers and take control of the boat while at sea.

    The launch was towed back to Almeria port and the two smugglers were remanded in jail until trial.

    January 19 2010


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