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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    2 busts at Detroit homes yield 1,100 pounds of pot

    DETROIT - Detroit police have seized about 1,130 pounds of marijuana with a street value of more than $5 million in two separate raids.

    The seizures should at least temporarily interrupt marijuana sales in the city, Police Chief Warren Evans said.

    Officers found 908 pounds of pot in large bales and smaller, clear plastic bags Sunday night in the basement of a home in a stable, residential neighborhood on Tireman, just north of Dearborn Heights on Detroit's far west side.

    "This location had the appearance of being a warehouse with significant inventory," Evans said at a Tuesday news conference.

    Another 220 pounds were seized Jan. 20 by a joint Detroit and FBI task force from a home on Sturtevant in a tough neighborhood a few miles northwest of downtown.

    On the street, a pound of marijuana fetches about $1,200. If sold by the gram in $10 "dime bags," a pound of pot can bring in $4,500, according to Detroit police.

    The pot is believed to have come from Mexico and the southwestern United States, Evans said. While the raids may interrupt sales, they won't have much affect on the flow of drugs into the Detroit, he said.

    "There'll be 18-wheelers coming up in the next few days to resupply," Evans said. "You really have got to keep them on their heels."

    No arrests were made in either raid, but warrants are expected to be filed against three to four people, he added.

    Over the past few months, Detroit police have seized more than 50 pounds of cocaine, about 1,500 pounds of marijuana and $750,000 in drug money, something Evans credited to increased drug enforcement efforts.

    "It's a commitment that we made to start going after upper and middle level dealers, and quit constantly working the street level dealer who is a subsistence guy," Evans said. "He's a pest. He's a crook, but he also is not the guy who is a supplier. You can get a nickel and dime street dealer everyday. One gets arrested, another replaces him."

    Associated Press Writer
    11:59 a.m. CST, January 26, 2010



  1. dadrone
    Must be some shitty weed!
  2. coolhandluke
    the drugs are very pure and really cheap in michigan. swim lives in wisconsin and has considered moving there for that reason. he has spent time in michigan (his ex-girlfriends family is all from there and gary Indiana ). the only downside to that state is the economy is so bad there (all the jobs are gone) swim hears you can but houses in detroit for a few thousand dollars. so if you can save up a ton of money and retire when your 30 go to michigan!
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