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2 Convicted in Global Internet Drug Ring (4/18/06)

  1. Richard_smoker
    2 Convicted in Global Internet Drug Ring
    Associated Press 04.18.2006, 12:26 AM

    I know that many, if not MOST of the members of this site are not here to discuss OP (online pharmacies), but there are TONS of other sites whose sole purpose is to disseminate such information. I, personally, have read of many of these Indian websites which sell their prescription drugs online--many of which are Indian 'knock-offs' of patented US drugs, e.g. Viagra.

    The laws in India are very different than the US in terms of patenting drugs. Apparently, it's ok to sell patented drugs made by renegade drug companies, as LONG as the drug companies do NOT copy the actual patented process to manufacture their drugs. So, if you live in India, you can legally manufacture and distribute drugs that are still under patent in the USA (i.e. VIAGRA).

    It was well-known that many of these so-called IOP's (international online pharmacies), were actually mailing their products from WITHIN the US.

    I had a funny feeling that the FDA and Phizer wouldn't allow THAT to continue for very long! :)


  1. korky8097
    i still see absolutely no harm in getting your meds through the net. Its just the Us bailing the pharm industry out again. While i dont personally order perscriptions through the net, i mean if a person has an illness and either cant afford the meds or the doctor wont perscribe what they need because it is sometimes abused, where else is there to turn? Doctor shopping is illegal in some way (correct me if im wrong). People have the right to self medicate in my mind.

    Out of all the shit thats available to people on the net, they go after pharmicuticals. They have no idea what is sold right under their noses, at least used to be sold not more than a year ago. SWIM has seen a few places (busted now he presumes) selling things way harder than a couple pain pills. Thats one thing i love about this site, no worrying about illegal activity taking place that could get everyone in trouble.

    BTW, anyone know the business name or whatever for these people, swim just wants to see if it was who he thinks it was.
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