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  1. torachi
    MOD EDIT: The substance in question now seems to be Bromo-Dragonfly which had been mislabeled as 2c-e see here

    15624.jpg KONAWA, Okla. — Authorities say one person is dead and seven are in the hospital after overdosing on a hallucinogenic drug in Konawa.

    Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown said authorities received an emergency call about 1:30 a.m. Saturday from a Konawa residence. She says they found eight people ranging in age from 19 to their early 20s suffering from severe drug toxicity.

    She says they overdosed on the drug 2C-E, which is similar to ecstasy.

    Brown says one person was pronounced dead at a Seminole hospital. She says seven others are in the hospital — three in Ada, four in Norman — and that two of them are in critical condition.

    Drug task force members arrested a 20-year-old man in Ada Saturday on a complaint of conspiracy and first-degree murder.

    Last Updated: May 07, 2011 - 7:27 pm



  1. Phenoxide
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    There's something that seems very wrong here. Two mass poisonings attributed to 2C-E a month apart. Even taking into account that 2C-E might be finding its way into hands that really don't know how to handle it (unsurprisingly these mass poisonings always seem to affect teenagers), so many hospitalizations and a few deaths is still surprising.

    To me it seems there's a quite high probability of a contaminated or misrepresented batch of 2C-E on the loose. Certainly something for anyone that has recently come into possession of something represented as 2C-E to consider.
  2. kailey_elise
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    *ding ding ding* I think we have a winner here, folks! At least, that was also my first thought upon reading ANOTHER article about ANOTHER "2C-E" death & mass hospitalisation. :(

    I'm curious if it's a messed up batch from a vendor, or if it's one of those pre-packaged "bath salt" kind of things. I wish we could get the info on where the various people procured their respective "2C-E" samples. :/

  3. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    The other death was confirmed 2C-E. With both a death and a suspect charged with murder, we can bet on getting legitimate answers as far as the actual product. It'll just take some time. Almost all other articles are describing it as an "unknown substance". But hopefully the spokeswoman is going by witness testimony and not assumptions based on recent incidents.
  4. Crazy Insane Sanity
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    I wonder about contamination though. Was the product tested for impurities, or was it just, "yep it's X% 2c-e, that's what killed him." It is very strange that two occurrences have happened all of a sudden, with such a long run of popularity, and no confirmed deaths. Although with the recent increase in accessibility, I suppose the shit had to hit the fan sometime.

    Was route of administration ever determined with either case?
  5. kailey_elise
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    Really? That little girl...it was confirmed 2C-E? Did they mention any other substances in her system? I'll have to check to see if it's been updated in that other thread (sometimes I read the forum when I'm overtired & forget things).

    Dayum. What's the LD50 on 2C-E, anyway? *sheesh*

  6. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    Little girl? The one who ate the PCP noodles? Im pretty sure the mother confessed to it being PCP and i think the little girl is going to be ok. I was referring to the overdoses that killed a young man in Minnesota a month or so ago. That was confirmed as 2C-E. Here

    I'm not sure about impurities, would the toxicology and/or autopsy reflect any contra-indications that they may have caused? Or that they were there at all?

    The other case the ROA was insufflation by the kid who died. A few others hospitalized did the same, and others took the oral route.
  7. kailey_elise
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    No no, I was thinking about the girl who got into her dad's stash & her girlfriend died. "Little girl" only meaning teenager, sorry. :- I thought that was 2C-E, but I got it mixed up.

    Fucked up & sad that there are so many people dying from more obscure drugs recently that I can't even keep them straight in my head. :(

  8. eqt146
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    I remember last year (I think) some supplier mislabeled a batch of bromo dfly as 2cb-fly. Well, you can guess what happened...

    My guess is something similar is happening here. That or they're just too stupid to get a milligram scale and look up the correct dosage on Erowid. I can just imagine some stupid kids stuffing as much of it as they can into a gel cap to get "as fucked up as possible".
  9. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    SEMINOLE COUNTY, OK - A 911 call was made from 13491 Highway 9A in Konawa at approximately 1:30 Saturday morning regarding drug overdoses of more than a half dozen individuals. When law enforcement arrived to the scene, they discovered eight people ranging in age from 19 to their early 20s suffering from severe drug toxicity from the drug 2C-E. This drug is described as something similar to ecstasy.

    One victim was transported to Integris Hospital in Seminole were she was pronounced dead. Three were taken to Valley View Regional Hospital in Ada. And four were flown to Norman Regional Hospital. At least two of the victims are in very critical condition. OSBI does not have the conditions of the other individuals.

    Before noon Saturday, members of the District 22 Drug Task Force arrested Cody Weddle (d.o.b. 6-23-90) at the hospital in Ada. He was there to visit one of the victims. Weddle was arrested on a complaint of conspiracy and first degree murder. He was booked into the jail in Pontotoc County. Investigators believe he supplied the 2C-E to the people at the party.

    The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office requested OSBI assistance. Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office and the Ada Police Department have also aided in this case.


    KONAWA, Okla. -- Seminole County deputies said they are investigating an incident in which eight adults went to hospitals after ingesting a drug known as 2C-E and one later died.

    Chief Deputy Todd Hignite said all eight people are between the ages of 18 and 25.

    One woman was pronounced dead after being taken to Integris Hospital in Seminole. Her name has not yet been released.

    Investigators said three victims were taken to Valley View Regional Hospital in Ada. Four were taken to Norman Regional Hospital. Investigators said at least two of the patients were in extremely critical condition.

    Members of the District 22 Drug Task Force arrested Cody Weddle, 20, on suspicion of conspiracy and first-degree murder. Investigators said Weddle supplied the 2C-E to people at a party. Weddle was arrested at the hospital in Ada while visiting one of the patients, investigators said. Weddle was taken to the Pontatoc County Jail.

    Investigators said 2C-E is similar to Ecstasy.

    The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office and the Ada Police Department have also aided in this case.


  10. Moving Pictures
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    1st degree murder for supplying drugs that killed someone? so that means he intended and planned to kill this chick? that doesn't sound right. i mean, i know you can get a murder charge for selling drugs that killed someone but i didn't think it was 1st degree murder.
  11. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose


  12. kailey_elise
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    MP, I agree. I was shocked when I read they charged the kid with 1st Degree Murder! You'd figure he'd get smacked with 3rd Degree, like the other case, maybe 2nd if they really wanted to stick it to him...but 1st? Premeditated homicide?

    I mean, I know when you get picked up with "regular" illegal drugs around here, they slap you with a possession charge *AND* a possession in a school zone charge, knowing damn well they're gonna knock off the school zone charge as a "favor". Can they do something like that with something as serious as this? Charge him with 1st so he can plea it down to 3rd or something??!?

    Ugh. All these incidents make me so sad & angry. If we could just have comprehensive drug education, real, factual drug education, I'm sure we avoid stuff like this. Well, not completely of course (there will always be morons & people who HAVE to push the envelope), but damn...we *KNOW* people (including kids) are gonna do drugs. It's human nature to want to alter your consciousness at times. What can we expect but death when we refuse to admit this & teach people responsible behaviour?


    I feel for this boy, who probably just wanted to have fun with his friends, and I feel for that girl's parents & loved ones, who lost such an important person in their lives just because she wanted to have a good night out. :(

  13. Motorhead
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    8 people overdose in Konawa

    Investigators say an experiment with drugs purchased online takes a tragic turn inside this Konawa home.

    OSBI say 8 people ages 19 to early 20's overdosed after

    drinking a mixture of 2C-E which is similar to ecstasy.

    "Somebody ordered this powder online and they mixed it

    with water and everybody drank it," Says Bruce Foreman

    uncle of one of the victims."

    All were transported to area hospitals. One 19 year old girl is

    dead, four were flown to Norman Regional, 2 of which are listed

    in very critical condition. The other three are being treated in

    an Ada hospital.

    Family members are trying to cope. "That little girl, my niece is

    down there fighting for her life 'cause somebody decided to order

    drugs off the Internet"

    Foreman says he was told the deadly concoction was ordered from China.

    Neighbors say they knew of a party going on late Friday night but had

    no idea people were dying inside.

    Bobby Douglas who lives next door says, "We heard loud music it

    sounded like techno and it was really loud. I'm in a haze, I truly am I wish

    we could have done something about it. I had no idea"

    "It's really upsetting. I wish we would have gone over there,"

    says neighbor Gretchen Evans who also heard the loud music.

    District 22 Drug Task Force arrested 20 year old Cody Weddle.

    He was not at the party but allegedly made the mixture and sent it

    to the party. Weddle is currently being held on a complaint of conspiracy

    and first degree murder. The district attorney has not officially

    filed those charges.

    Latasha Givens
    May 08, 2011

    Sorry about the format, notepad won't even help. Anyways, according to the uncle the drug was ordered from China. Has anyone heard of mixing RC's in water? Seems like a remedy for disaster not knowing the dose you would be ingesting.
  14. godztear
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    @ motorhead

    I have seen many posts on here in regards to liquid measurement and it being the safest way to dose without a milligram scale. That thought and pratice should be reviewed by the people who suggest and believe in it.
  15. kailey_elise
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    There is a HUGE difference between "volumetric measuring" & "dumping a gram into a pitcher of juice & setting it out for free-range drinking"

  16. Phenoxide
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    I think posts suggesting this to be the case are very rare. There are certainly no posts suggesting to empty a whole packet of an unknown amount of an ambiguous substance into a pitcher of water and to drink up!

    Usually when someone claims something like this there is a quick response (quite often from me) making it clear that volumetric measurement is complementary to using appropriate scales, not a substitute for it. Volumetric measurement allows one to use a less sensitive scale perhaps (since one is no longer measuring in the low milligram range), but the scale still needs to be able to give an accurate reading. The initial dose must be measured out on an appropriately sensitive scale and the volume of the drug solution must also be carefully measured every time to ensure a reliable dose. If volumetric measurement is done properly (and there's several guides in the RC section that explain how to do so) then it's probably the safest way to make multiple consistent doses.

    As Kailey says there was very little liquid measurement taking place if the reported accounts are accurate.

    Kinda sad but it's not the evil internet's fault, and unless it does turn out to be a misrepresented/tainted batch it's not the fault of those evil Chinese scientists either. It may be hard to accept but she's fighting for her life because she chose to take a drug she seemingly knew nothing about.

    I think I preferred it when RCs were actually treated by those that handle them as research substances and treated them with appropriate care. The RC gimmick is actually a fundamentally strong one because it doesn't underplay the dangers of dabbling with untested substances. It's a shame that we've regressed to this "legal highs" atmosphere where any shit you can buy online that'll fuck you up is fair game.
  17. Ghetto_Chem
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    Ya... As others have said this was most likely a case of a gram or some other large amount being tossed in and everybody just went to town with the shit.

    As for the possibility that its misrepresented/tainted, this is of course possible. But on the other hand swims friend could easily see pure 2c-e making people overdose if they have little knowledge of dosing. Swims friend has seen people get way too tripped out on ~5mg insufflated, and on 20mg oral another friend thought there was a vortex forming in the middle of the kitchen floor. So this stuff has the potential to make anybody even a little naive on the subject, to get a little too far out there.

    Also it seems that 2c's are becoming more and more popular on the streets, in the past few years swims friendoaF has been offered the C's more and more. He turns them down though, maybe 2c-b someday tho...

    Swims friend is curious as to what is actually the cause of all the incidents.

  18. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    Man, I can't believe I never thought about this, and I don't think it was mentioned in the other 2c-E death thread..

    But 2C-E takes a hot minute to kick in. The onset can be up to and including 2 hours orally.

    Now I'm betting this happened because kids these days are so impatient. You know, with our society being based on instant gratification and all. Facepalm.
  19. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1583&pictureid=13261[/imgl]KONAWA, Oklahoma -- Four people remained in the hospital Sunday night after taking a rare and new type of drug called 2C-E at a party in Konawa Friday night.

    Witnesses said there were 12 people at the party, and eight people took the drug. The drug was designed to have psychedelic affects, but after about an hour, those who took it began having seizures. Some even coughed up blood and, as a result, one family has to bury a loved one.

    Lida Beckman was two states away when she got the call from her son that her 22-year-old daughter Stacy Jewell had died.

    "He was gasping. I didn't understand what he was saying. I yelled at him and told him to calm down and I said. 'Robert, I can't understand what you are saying.' And all he screamed was Stacy's dead," Beckman said.

    Jewell was one of eight people who began having seizures and coughing up blood after consuming a liquid version of the drug 2C-E.

    "She just kept having one seizure after another," said Ricky Prindle, who attended the party. "After she came out of one, she would say a little bit like she was hallucinating, telling us to get away from her, and then she would go into another bad seizure and cough up more blood."

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1583&pictureid=13263[/imgl]Prindle said he was one of four people at the party who did not take the drug.

    "When the officers arrived on scene before the ambulance, they just seemed awestruck by what was going on."

    Prindle said the drug was given to one of the partygoers by 20-year-old Cody Weddle. Police have arrested him on one count of first-degree murder.

    Prindle said Weddle bought the drug off the internet from a company in China.

    The idea anyone can buy the drug easily off the internet was what made Stacy's mom so angry.

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1583&pictureid=13262[/imgl]"What has this world come to if they can put stuff like this on the internet and not at least be sued to take the darn stuff off," said Beckman. "They can still be allowed to sell it and I can't do a thing about it.

    Three more people who took the drug at the party were released from the hospital Sunday.


    The video in the link of the mother speaking has been archived here.
  20. torachi
    Re: 1 dead, 7 hospitalized in Oklahoma area 2C-E overdose

    This doesn't sound right at all. Somethings up. 8 people took the drug. 8 people had seizures and went to the hospital. Makes me want to go all conspiracy paranoid and say it was purposefully tainted to have a guaranteed death. Making sure it gets illegal and fast. Any of Shulgin's magical half dozen can't be allowed to get into the publics hands this easy.

    But no, its not really that way. This was unfortunately a very avoidable tragedy.

    Nope, nothing you can do, except... well, I dunno, maybe... facilitating proper education?!

    I kinda wish communities like ours could reach out to parents like this. They're the ones who have the passion and the reason to get laws changed and politicians and the public will listen. At some point they need to realize that its because of a total lack of awareness of just about everything on just about everybodys part that ends up harming people. 2C-E can be really harmless if it is pure and done properly. Jackasses seem to be trying to sell it as ecstasy or bath salts or whatever and makes these kids end up doing fucking lethal doses.
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