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By Heretic.Ape. · Apr 17, 2009 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    I am not a person who needs much cajoling or much of an excuse to take a moment to celebrate little things and get somewhat sappy and nostalgic. I like the little things of life. And really DF has been no little part of my life over these pat two year. So I'm taking today as a chance to celebrate and reminisce.

    Undeniably this is bound to be boring for anyone else, but I don't think people look a lot at blogs anyway so it should be safe from inflicting sleep on people ;)

    Two years. That was a different life ago. Monkey was still with a girl who he was engaged to marry, before it all fell through. He'd taken an interest in researching dimethyltryptamine because he'd had his monkey-mind stuck on wanting to give it a try. So on his behalf I googled information on it and joined this site to have access and be able to ask questions on his behalf. He liked the simplicity and lucidity of Marsofold's tek and wanted to be able to ask lots of questions if he decided to attempt such a feat. He never did.

    He'd never joined a forum before and tended to only use the internet for research and writing for college papers and projects, appeasing general curiousity by the google god on whatever was tickling his fancy at the moment, or occassionally satisfying his more prurient indulgences.

    I remember just picking a random name because I didn't think I'd actually have any identity with it. I'd probably have thought it through a bit more had I suspected this would become a place I would haunt so frequently.

    It turned out to be surprisingly fun researching, answering questions, sharing experiences, and next I knew we were on here damn near every day. I particularly enjoyed the news and policy forums, being predisposed to notions of social change and such. I liked the staff members a lot, and now feel kind of foolish that I looked at them as somewhat mythical figures at first, but quickly became friends with Jatelka, Paracelsus, and others due to enjoying their good attitudes, helpfulness and general sterling character.

    I suppose I must have made a pain in the ass of myself, because I started bugging Alfa by sending him lists of things that I thought might be helpful in the news forum: threads that might best be merged, doubles that ought to be deleted, random shit like that. Thinking now of how busy he is I probably wouldn't have bothered him. But I liked the site and wanted to help out in whatever small way I might.

    I suppose that's the strange thing. I realized after a while that I just liked the site and generally trying to be helpful if I could. Which struck me as odd, because I'm kind of lazy and my good Monkey was not doing drugs all too much. I was hanging around a Drugs-Forum with no real need to gain information on drugs. Not only that, but I was all but addicted to the damn place.

    Alfa must have gotten sick of my lists of shit to do, throwing up his hands and saying "you do it!" handing me the keys to that room.

    I don't know that I've ever actually been happy like that to take on extra responsibility and work. But, and I told you this would be rather sappy and sentimental, I confess that I felt quite honored. I know, it's just some forum on the internet, but I think it's a great place that helps a lot of people.

    Of course I thought he was crazy for giving the power to fuck things up to someone who knows nothing about computers or forums or anything like that. But I think I've managed to not cause any permanent damage so far ;)

    I thank Alfa for the trust and the opportunity to work at something I actually enjoy for perhaps the first time in my life. I thank the rest of the staff members who I've very much enjoyed developing friendships with and working with to keep sweeping up around here. I thank all of the great members that I've gotten to interact with, become friends with and chat drunkenly in the chatroom, or recently, chatbox.

    I'll stop sentimentally going on now... and probably decide to delete this tripe in a few minutes.

    I wish you all the best in your time in this wonderful community.


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  1. guldenat
    I'm a closet nostalgic myself. Cool blog entry.
  2. oggy
    Yep, your definitely one of the best mods on here, in fact, I think all the mods on here are very good at their jobs. I guess its down to the wise Alfa for promoting such members.

    Good job guys.
  3. kerang
    It was an interresting read. Tnx for sharing:)
  4. Alfa
    heh. took me a while before finding the time to read this. Really nice to read.
    now i know why so many people have been sending lists to me. haha.

    ok peeps. please post those deletion list in the forum crew groups...
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    ^ hahahaha!
  6. beentheredonethatagain
    we like you too, at most times , ha ha just kiddin seriously. got ya ha ha
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