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  1. str8ballin
    Marijuana plants towering 18 feet high were among the thousands of plants eradicated in Monterey County's largest pot bust this year, the Monterey County, CA Sheriff's Office reported.

    Several agencies, including County of Monterey Marijuana Eradication Team, Monterey County Narcotics Division, Campaign Against Marijuana Producers, Monterey County Sheriff's Office Special Weapons and Tactics and the Salinas Valley State Prison Correctional Emergency Response Team collaborated to eradicate marijuana plants with a street value of about $20 million in Salinas on Monday according to the Monterey County Sheriff's Office.

    Authorities worked through Sunday night to remove plants on several acres near the 800 block of River Road in three different drainage areas in the hills west of Salinas, Sheriff's Sgt. James Scariot said.

    When officials arrived on scene several men were seen running from the area, including one man who fired several shots at the officers, the deputies reported.

    Several weapons, including a .38 caliber handgun, a .22 caliber handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun were seized in the various encampments near the garden.

    That omnitravis kid said he lived in Monterey.Wonder how he's doing nowadays.heh


  1. markdahman
    HAHA Omnitravis what do u have to say about this? Haha have u had any encounter's with the police where u wher running from a grow-op firing shots at cops? haha!
  2. Woodman
    omnitravis has been banned!
  3. LSA_CVX
    in the words of Homer Simpson: "I could have smoked that weed! AND WORN THAT HAIR!"

    best episode ever there...

    anyways, this is indeed unfortunate. imagine being one of the guys destroying it, a closet smoker, going "maybe i can just sneak an o..."
  4. searcher
    !8 feet tall, now thats a real tree.
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