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  1. Rob Cypher
    In a tragic first encounter with drugs, a young man has been killed after he ran into the path of a moving train.
    Tom Bond, from Ipswich in Queensland smoked marijuana in the early hours of Saturday morning, but is said to have had a severe reaction to the drug.

    He ran onto the train tracks at Bumdamba station and was killed instantly, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

    The young man's father Andrew told the publication he was left devastated over the tragic and unexpected loss of his 'best friend' and described his son as fun-loving and big-hearted. 'It's wrong that he's gone,' he said,

    Tom completed his studies at St Edmund's College in Ipswich, and Andrew revealed Tom had only recently found his calling in life, helping others.

    The 20-year-old was working at Goodlife Gym assiting people on their journey to achieve their fitness goals, and was in the midst of planning a trip to Vanuatu for his 21st birthday later in the year.

    He also had plans to travel the world with three of his closest friends.

    Tom's best mate Joel Carter also spoke to the newspaper, and he urged others to avoid peer pressure and stick with their closest friends and look out for each other.

    Joel said he didn't want anyone else to find themselves in a similar situation and hoped people would learn from the death of his closest friend, who he had known for 10 years.

    According to the Australian Drug Foundation, over 35 percent of Australians 14 years or older have used cannabis at least once in their life.

    In a report from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales it states that no deaths have been recorded as a direct result of cannabis consumption. 'However, there is growing evidence that cannabis use has the potential to have adverse physical, psychological and social outcomes,' the study noted.

    Freya Noble
    Daily Mail
    July 6, 2014



  1. MikePatton
    This is so going to get much more media attention than the tens of thousands of people who commit suicide on alcohol annualy combined!
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