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200 grams of mescaline seized

  1. torachi
    The drug is a hallucinogen found in plants such as cactus or peyote. The seizure of this substance is considered a rarity in the spectrum of drugs ranging traffic.

    The National Guard seized 200 grams of mescaline as a result of 2 procedures that took place in the town Senillosa Neuquen. There are 2 Argentine citizens subject to causes.

    Squadron personnel yesterday Core "Comahue" and Arroyito Safety Section "A" while conducting an operation in the area of ​​prevention "Senillosa", progress stopped a vehicle driven by an older man.

    The militaries of the place used the narcotics detector dog to register the back of the SUV. And this said, changing his attitude to the police on a brown paper bag that was inside a box.

    In making proof of the strange substance narcotest yielded positive result of "mescaline" with a total of 97 grams. Taking action to Federal Court in the city of Neuquén, who ordered the arrest of the driver of the road.

    2 weeks ago it Gendarmerie Unit, arrested a young man traveling by bus for transferring 103 gram bag of the same substance.

    Mescaline is an alkaloid with hallucinogenic properties. It is the main alkaloid of peyote (Lophophora williamsii). Culturally its importance is limited to the general effects on the human body, however, has many potential medical applications of relevance in fields such as psychology and psychiatry, as well as molecular research of the causative mechanisms of schizophrenia.



  1. Ghetto_Chem
    Swims friend likes the way the portrayed mescaline at the end. Its not too often that one sees a news article, that isn't full of propaganda. And mescaline is quite a beautiful substance.

  2. torachi
    Argentina is really liberal with their drug laws. With that, of course, is an unbiased understanding of medical applications.

    They found it unconstitutional to criminalize small amounts of all drugs for personal use as long as no harm comes.
  3. Ghetto_Chem
    Wow its so hard to think of a country like that. Thanx for continuing to put up good articles. Its pretty obvious that swiy's knowledge is vast.

  4. turborunner
  5. Synaps
    Dogs can be trained to smell virtually anything. SWIM has never heard of anywhere but Argentina where they smell mescaline though. It may be more common over there due to its traditional roots in Indian culture.
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