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  1. HemiSync
    As reported by yourChampionsnews on Nov. 24th, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, announced an emergency scheduling to make the increasingly popular herbal smoke, ‘fake pot'-known for producing a synthetic marijuana high-illegal.

    DEA officials at the time said their intent was to temporarily control five of the identified synthetic cannabinoid chemical in fake pot products. These cannabinoid chemical were listed as JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol.

    DEA Officials said they intended to have each of these chemicals categorized under a Schedule I substance through the Controlled Substance Act.

    Officials explained that the temporary ban of fake pot, or Spice-type smoking blends, is planned for 12 months, time in which the DEA and other regulatory offices plan to study what effects fake pot may have on human health.

    The DEA published a Notice of Intent, an order providing a thirty day grace period for distributors to get rid of their supply.

    However, Wendell Campbell, spokesperson for the Houston DEA office, said some confusion has emerged regarding whether or not fake pot is illegal given that the thirty day Notice of Intent period has passed.

    "No," Campbell said. "The thirty day Notice of Intent expiring does not mean the substance is now illegal."

    Still, Campbell said DEA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. are working toward the Final Order expected to be published very soon in the Federal Register, the government's official nexus for public notification.

    Barbara Carreno, spokesperson for the Washington, D.C. office said it is not yet clear when the order will be finalized. Although, she cautioned distributors and buyers to check the Federal Register postings daily.

    "The law requires us to give the public at least thirty days notice before we take any scheduling action," Carreno said. "So we gave the public the thirty day heads up, and anytime now the Final Order could be published."

    Carreno said the DEA is working diligently to push the temporary ban on fake pot because they continue to receive numerous reports from poison control and healthcare facilities on severe health related issues from smoking various fake pot blends, i.e. Spice, K2, Kush.

    "We haven't been able to fully study this substance," Carreno said. "Some of the chemicals we know were used in animal testing, but what we don't know is the impact these chemicals may have on human health."

    Carreno said, for these reasons, the DEA has made the initiative to temporarily ban fake pot a priority.

    For more information, go to DEA's website. Currently, on the DEA's "in focus" section, fake pot is listed in the top position.

    by James Ridgway, Jr.
    JAMES RIDGWAY,Jr is a reporter and photographer for the Northwest Houston Sun Newspapers


  1. HemiSync
    AFOAF has been searching the Federal Register daily for any updates referring to the ban and today came across this information. Looks like they are cleaning up the language of the ban, probably getting ready to make it official. Here is what they said and find attached the PDF of the excerpt from the Federal Registry.

  2. phenythylamine
    well JWH-250 is still legal and so are many other synthnoids so this will do absolutly nothing to stop the sale of synthetic cannibinoids. according to a particular major manufacturer they have also identified a plant from the amazon that when extracted produces effects strikingly similar to cannibinoids (wouldent tell me the name of the plant though sorry,) bottom line, spice isnt going anywhere.
  3. 80sbaby
    the news article i foudn said the ban wont be enforced, earliest till feb 1
    from saint louis tribune,
  4. HemiSync
    I do not think it was saying that any one particular research chemical is illegal as of yet. Just that the 5 ones listed in the notice of intent, JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol, will be illegal at least on a federal level. Lets not even get into how ineffective the ban will be, with the exception of creating an entirely new black market industry.

    I have read everywhere from 1/19 to March but these are all speculations of mass media or quotes of government employees. Since the 30 day required notice has already been satisfied, they could enter it into the Federal Register tomorrow and it would then be banned.

    Although, this will only be on a Federal level and it will take a while for the law enforcement officials in States to figure how they are going to test for these 5 research chemicals and then enforce the ban. So it could be quite a while before you hear about the first arrests of individuals. I would imagine they will go after the distribution levels first. Of course it will be interesting to see how it goes for that group of companies that is trying to stop the ban.
  5. Obxtripper
    My boa constrictors friend is really mad at the DEA and the US police state for presuming to protect him from substances that he would be happy to decide for himself whether they are safe or not. We all know that the rationale for making cannabis illegal is almost completely fabricated and designed to scare the general public so that they cannot make reasonable judgements about the safety of that product. Meanwhile they protect the legal status of alcohol, and nobody seems to be afraid of that drug which has clearly been shown to cause significant mortality and morbidity.
  6. md2020
    Problem is they can back date to date of emergency order...generally they will set a time to place on Schedule I - as final

    I rather say, its fair notice these items are schedule I in theory maybe not principal until someone gets challenge or makes a challenge
  7. duler700
    I guarantee they will not be conducing any studies. Just mere tactics to persuade the public that the DEA holds no bias, which is completely false. If you ask me, the DEA is nothing more than job-creation and power-hungry bastards.

    HemiSync, very true how commenting on how ineffective the ban will be. It's a waste of taxpayer dollars. The thing about the DEA and the government period, is they apparently do not learn from their mistake. I mean honestly, how long ago was the law passed scheduling JWH-018? November of 2010, right? The amount of RC's that are on the market right now is ridiculous. I shouldn't even restrict my argument to just RC's, and I don't care how cliche it sounds, but the WAR ON DRUGS IS LOST! God damn, give up already and try and manage what you already have going. No. The DEA always has to take it one step farther, and sure as hell one step farther toward autism.
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