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21-year-old dies after one drop of new synthetic drug (25I-NBOMe)

By Phungushead, Nov 2, 2012 | | |
  1. Phungushead
    The best friends had traveled together to music festivals all over the country. Sometimes, they would take drugs. But they had one rule: Never accept drugs from strangers.

    But on Saturday, after a night drinking vodka-Red Bulls at Voodoo Festival at City Park, 21-year-old Clayton Otwell, of Little Rock, Ark., apparently forgot his rule, said Mandie Newell, his best friend and companion at the festival.

    A stranger, wanting to repay Otwell for helping find his cell phone, offered Otwell a free dose of 25-I, a new synthetic hallucinogenic drug. As Newell watched, her friend knelt and the stranger plopped a single drop from a vial into Otwell's nose.

    Otwell immediately started babbling incoherently, Newell said. She got him to the medical tent at the festival, but within 30 minutes, he had a seizure and never regained consciousness. Taken to Tulane University Hospital, he was placed on life support Saturday night; he died Tuesday.

    "I honestly don't know why he took it," Newell said a few days after Otwell's death. "I guess the drinking impaired his judgment on whether or not he should take it. I think he just felt really good for helping the kid find his phone and he trusted him."

    Otwell was one of at least three people treated for 25-I overdoses during Voodoo Festival weekend, one local emergency room doctor said, noting that friends of all three had indicated it was their first time taking the drug.

    Otwell's friends said dealers at Voodoo Fest had been offering people doses of 25-I all weekend, marketing it as artificial LSD or artificial mescaline. "This weekend, it was everywhere," said Jarod Brignac, 24, who also was with Otwell at the festival. "The people had bottles and bottles of it; they were walking through the crowd, trying to make a dime off people at the festival."

    The drug, sometimes called "N-Bomb" for its chemical composition 25I-NBOMe, is an extremely potent synthetic substance that the Drug Enforcement Administration considers analogous to LSD and therefore illegal in all 50 states, said DEA Special Agent Bob Bell.

    Around 2009, Bell said, many academic research papers were published regarding the pharmacological effects of synthetic compounds. Since then, those so-called "research drugs" have proliferated in the United States, Bell said, in part because of a widespread misconception that they are safe and legal. He said that for the most part, the drugs are coming in from other countries, but are sometimes made in home labs in the U.S. Synthetic drugs have grown popular especially among people who have to pass regular drug screenings, including athletes and soldiers, because the drugs are not detectable on current drug screens, DEA officials said.

    "They're purported as legal and safe, but they're anything but, and in many instances, they're more dangerous than any of the illicit drugs we're all used to," Bell said.

    It's hard to pinpoint when 25-I first appeared on the scene, but 2012 has seen an uptick in 25-I-related overdoses and deaths, Bell said. Two teenagers in Grand Forks, N.D. and a 16-year-old boy in Sacramento, Calif., are believed to have died from 25-I overdoses earlier this year, DEA officials said.

    Until this past weekend's Voodoo Festival, however, one New Orleans emergency room doctor said he had never heard of the drug. One of the overdose patients had a vial labeled "25-I" that doctors were able to research so they could have a better idea of how to try and treat that patient, a doctor said.

    "They have a seizure, lose consciousness," said Dr. Joseph Lasky, a Tulane emergency room doctor. "Long-term effects range from death on one extreme, to, well -- as far as fully recover, I don't know."

    The potency of the drug is intense from the onset, said Brignac, who said he has taken 25-I once. "It disorients you very, very quickly," he said. "Within 20 minutes, the lights from a stage at the other side of the festival are fully starting to take over your vision. It's very, very strong to the point of not wanting to move and you start panicking."

    At Voodoo and other music festivals, Brignac said, drug dealers do not warn people about the drug's possible effects. "It's called research chemicals, and everyone out there in the festival is the guinea pig," Brignac said. "How human beings can do it to one another is beyond me."

    Meanwhile, Otwell's mother, Dayna Duncan, said she hopes others will learn from her son's death. Parents should "warn their kids about this drug since it's so new and no one knows about it, so we can save lives," the grieving mother said.

    As for the stranger who gave her son the fatal drop of 25-I, an overwhelmed Duncan said she hoped eventually justice would be served.

    "I think he needs to be exposed," she said, "and held accountable for his actions."

    November 01, 2012

    Naomi Martin


  1. stryder09
    Got to love how the DEA's own agent can't even get it correct. 25I-NBOMe is not illegal due to it being analogous to LSD. It MAY be covered under the Federal Analog Act as it is a derivative of the newly scheduled compound, 2C-I (schedule I). Even then, it would be a discussion for the court system to undertake.

    I would still love to see an analytically confirmed case in blood (or really even urine for that matter) of 25I-NBOMe...

    Also, wonder what the decedent's blood alcohol level was?
  2. xiaobendan
    Afoaf has 25i going on three months now. Still hasn't gotten around to doing it.

    He has the .001g scale and all the rest but it's so potent he wont do it until he has a couple of days clear to do the measurements properly. Some people get completely fucked on as little as 700ug. A DF member who is currently dying of cancer, has stated on this forum that the experience with 700ug was more terrifying than facing death and going through the rigors of chemotherapy.

    The idea of some dickhead walking around a festival just directly blottering into peoples noses is just too awful to think about.

    Tripping to death is one of the worst ways to go in afoaf's opinion. Clayton was done low man, the person he did that was the worst kind of RC user. It makes afoaf question the whole scene.

    He would never hook someone up unless he had made carefully weight doses and the person knew exactly what they were doing. In general he only used RC's with one close friend who shares a similar interest in exotica.

    Stories like this are gonna ruin it for everyone who is responsible and takes RC's seriously.
  3. Basoodler
    25i is really doing a lot of damage in very quick fashion. Is it better or worse than the other 25x compounds? Or any more dangerous?

    Or are they calling everything 25i?
  4. Ghetto_Chem
    It seems as though 25-i, 2c-e, 2c-i, and the likes are used interchangeably by the media as they have little idea of what they are talking about. The chemical names all sound so similar (even to us on DF and we all are pretty well versed) so it seems likely that they would just say whatever. It seems that 2c-i is being used to refer to 25-i in some cases.

  5. usually0
    Situations like this arise because people arent taking the necessary precautions. I think with RCs, as a general rule, one has to have a sensitive scale, plus be knowledgeable to some extent about he or she is dwelling into. Anyone who'd take a drop up the nose of some random drug they don't know is seriously lacking judgement.
  6. xiaobendan
    I think thats not fair Usually o. Think; for most people, before they get into the RC scene and get chemicals directly from suppliers, they get most of there drugs in nightclubs and festivals and half the time they do not know the person..

    Taking a drug off a stranger is obviously not something people should be doing, but how many people do this every weekend when they buy coke and e in a bar?

    Most of the acid sold in the UK over the last few years has been in liquid form, strange but one of my friends who is still living there said thats the case.

    So accepting some new cool kind of acid of someone at a festival is not a totally crazy idea to a lot of people.

    This guy Clayton did what most of us have done one time or another in our lives....but he got burnt bad and lost his life for it.

    Again this story really shocked me and my heart goes out to his family.
  7. GentlemanTom
    As I understand it was already a night, the guy was drunk. And if "sometimes they used drugs", there could be a chance he already had took something else before getting 25i-nbome too.

    It's sad, of course, but blaming the chemical is the easiest way, while actually it's the reckless behaviour that should be blamed.
  8. Doctor Who
    Some "Harm Reduction" Ideas...

    > The only fairly safe way to use these NBOMe substances is to Completely dissolve them in a measured amount grain alcohol, and use a small insulin syringe to measure dosage, say 1 ml. = 100 micrograms.

    > About 300-500 micrograms is usual dose, depending on if it's c, e, i, or whatever ( always check erowid or wiki for correct dose and start Lower by at least half! ).

    > Put it on blotter paper and place it under tongue, where it takes effect Slowly!
    ( the first time I got some 2 years ago, it was 300 micro-grams on blotter paper & very strong!)

    > NEVER snort it in Liquid form! It hits too fast that way, even at correct dose!!!

    > I have a bad feeling that many people just dump it in water, where it don't completely dissolve and when it gets near bottom you get way too high a dose!!!

    > It's terrible when someone dies like this.
  9. Basoodler
    I would agree with you if this wasn't becoming a common occurrence. Sometimes when you see smoke there is actually some fire.

    For example, during the media shit storm for bath salts we heard about psychosis. A lot of funny stories etc, but not widespread death.

    I don't blame the drug itself , but on the other hand think it may be too dangerous to be used as it has been. People are anything but responsible with drug use in general, and having something out there that demands responsible use is asking for trouble.
    Especially in replacement of a drug with zero overdose potential like lsd. Dealers and users may be falling into a false sense of security.
  10. usually0
    Xiao, I get where you're coming from. Most people using these substances, aren't receiving their chems from a trusted supplier, and are obtaining them at events and such where it's hard to say what drug you're actually buying.

    What I meant, was that if you know you are in fact buying what is supposedly sold as a research chemical, then one should be measuring doses, starting low, and using all the necessary precautions. However, I do realize most drugs users wouldn't actually take any of those precautions, I just wish they would.

    On the other hand, when buying illegal drugs, often you don't know for sure what you're buying, and anyone can find themselves in a situation of using a drug that they thought was something else or that's usually far less potent, and so they dosed improperly. That's one of the short comings of illegal drug use, all the uncertainty.

    This guy also received a free dose, was already drunk at a festival, and probably didn't want to decline an offer of a free drug experience, regardless of what he was getting into, so I understand somewhat, but when I place myself in that situation, red flags go up, there's no way in hell I'm dropping some random liquid up my nose, from some random guy, containing some unknown drug that i have no idea about, screw that.
  11. syntheticdave
    *Rant Alert* Every time i see a post involving the death of someone pertaining to a research chemical i get more and more pissed off, if you don't know what the fuck your doing, don't fuck with it, if you cant pronounce the name, or describe the compound without jumping onto the internet then your not ready to experiment with it! The people who are serious about research chemicals, not only know the compounds by name, they know their effects, mechanism of action, dosing information, and anything else you could possibly want to know, off the top of their heads, or in their personal notebook.

    I hope the people who were giving these compounds out get caught, and charged to the fullest extent possible. They are ruining something that some people responsibly and maturely enjoy with no intent to make any profit. Things need to change, retards need to stop pretending they know what they are doing, if he did in fact die from one drop of this liquid then the ratio of 25I-NBOMe to dissolving liquid was greatly off, i have a feeling they most likely dumped 1 gram into and unknown amount of solution and said something along the lines of "ok guys the acids done, lets go sell it"

    Im sorry everyone but i had to let it out!
  12. SIR KIT
    Why are the nbomes so much more dangerous than other similar substances? I know they are more potent, but still. If you accidentally take like 10x the wanted dose of most psychadelics, you would trip balls maybe freak out, but not seize and die.
  13. hookedonhelping
    I'm generally not a violent person, but I think if someone approached me with 25-I for sale I would likely turn violent, real fast.

    Now I hope I do not come across hypocritical when I say that if someone wants this drug, for their own personal research, that it is ok to source the substance online.

    The reason I feel differently is simple in explanation. In a situation where you are on a lot, at a festival, you may not be in the right frame of mind, and there is a high probability that this is the case. With as little as we know about this substance and it's interaction biologically with other substances, I think it is EXTREMELY irresponsible to offer this to others in this sort of venue and opens both parties up to a host of liabilities. Death being the ultimate price one will pay, and 25 years in prison for the other party.

    Now when you purchase something online you may not be in the right state of mind as well.. but the delivery is not instantaneous and by the time it arrives I would hope that research into proper administration/dosing has been completed.

    Selling a drug for 5 bucks and risking the next 25 years in prison riddled with guilt is simply not worth 5 bucks or any amount of money.
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