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21 Year Old Gets 16 years for Manufacture of Shrooms

  1. chillinwill
    For the second time in seven months, the Burns Police arrested the same man for growing psychedelic mushrooms in his home off Lime Kiln Road.

    The suspect, Caleb Bishop, 21, was arrested March 26 and charged with manufacture and possession of controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. The most recent stash – about two dozen of the psychedelic mushrooms – was larger than the amount Bishop was arrested for Sept. 3 on the same charges.

    The mushrooms are a Schedule I drug in Tennessee, the highest tier of prohibited drugs.

    Burns Police Officer Tase Sturgill was the arresting officer in both instances.

    Officers searched Bishop’s home on an outstanding warrant for possession of marijuana on March 26, Sturgill said. They found the stash of mushrooms growing in mason jars inside a large plastic storage bin.

    Bishop pleaded guilty on Wednesday, and will serve his two 8-year sentences concurrently, said Burns Police Chief Bryan Johnson.

    In September, Johnson said he's never heard of mushrooms being grown in Burns in this manner.

    “You don't come across that very often, especially not in Burns,” he said.

    By D. Frank Smith
    April 8, 2010


  1. KingMe
    the SAME man? over 7 months? in his home....

    One would think once arrested he would at least take better care.

    on the other hand, im sure 8 years in prison will set this 21yo streight.... (talk about disproportionate punishment, some laws are just ridiculous)
  2. noAverageJoe
    :| for real?
    16 years for a mushroom which is less toxic then aspirin :s

    What the hell is that about for PEEEEEP's sake...
    It's inhumane. That really has no place in our world.
    Not even the animal world...

    Quote from wiki:

    So what does that exactly mean then? If they rate it THAT safe?
    Why isn't it next to aspirin in the shelves of stores which sell herbs and all?

    omg :(
  3. Senor Gribson
    16 years for TWO DOZEN F*****G SHROOMS!? What is this, the UAE!?
  4. godztear
    Wow. I've never heard of anyone getting busted for shrooms let alone getting a harsher sentence then people who shoot other people. No lie, SWIM was in prison with someone serving a 1 year sentence for shooting another man in both legs, in a park, in broad day light.

    Why would he plead guilty? Did his lawyer suck that bad? Yes it was his own stupidity for getting busted twice this time due to just not showing up in court, but damn...16 years :jawdrop:
  5. MiMoMo
    Stories such as these scream at the absolute necessity of knowing the laws in your jurisdiction and to be familiar with case histories of their administration. Mere hearsay and anecdotal gossip are no substitute for researching the specific sentencing guidelines on various forms of (mis)conduct. Besides lengthy incarceration, often severe asset confiscation of home, cars, toys and bank accounts are part of the punishment. Not being prepared is just like taking a leisurely stroll through a lethal mine field of explosive.

    Recommend devoting even a small part of EVERY DAY to considering the full legal implications of one's actions. It is easy to become too familiar with behaviors, routines and activities that are at extreme odds with judicial dogma. Sitting in on Court proceedings not one's own, is always an eye opener, seeing in perspective what awaits the unsuspecting dabbler. Rivaling that of AA or NA meetings, witnessing dictatorial Courthouse drama can elicit a 'spiritual' experience as one sees prison penalties of 10 and more years being handed out like candy. Nowhere else is the old proverb, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" more appropo!

    This particular case, with the very same arresting officer for the very same offense, was so very preventable. Yet it is, what it is, and this young lad's sacrifice reported here is his legacy by which we must learn.
  6. John Doe
    My absolute sympathy goes to that person. And the same country proudly states they are a proponent of human rights?? What a completely and utterly undeserving punishment. I wouldn't be surprised if that very same day there was a drunk driver in court who had killed someone in an accident who got less time. Anybody involved in the imprisonment of this person should hang their head in shame at the life they have ruined forever.
  7. MisterV
    Thats a ridiculous penalty - 16 years for some mushrooms. SWIM will never understand this insane right system.
  8. Crook4lyfe
    Forget the pedophiles, lets fill our prisons with people that grow mushrooms. I know thats the people who make me lose sleep at night...war on drugs is bs, hope said person stays strong and gets out asap
  9. swimmer
    16 years in prison for growing mushrooms??!! IMO, such a sentence is wrong on so many levels, it borders on evil. One more indication that the US has a legal system, not a system of justice.
  10. alienfetus
    That is outrageous. How did they find out he was growing them? Inquiring minds needs to know to prevent this idiocy from happening again.
  11. MiMoMo
    “An Overview of Criminal Offenses under Tennessee Law”
    Offenses against Public Health, Safety & Welfare

    Drug Offenses: Schedule I: This includes certain opiates (e.g., heroin), hallucinogens (e.g., LSD), depressants (e.g., methaqualone) and stimulants (e.g., MDMA). High potential for abuse; no accepted medical use in treatment or lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision.

    Schedule I level of controlled substance, into which the hallucinogen mushrooms would fall, is considered Class B felony level offense. Class B felony punishment calls for "Not less than eight (8) nor more than thirty (30) years in prison. In addition, the jury may assess a fine not to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), unless otherwise provided by statute"
  12. MiMoMo
    For some peculiar reason, 'magic' mushrooms strike fear in the heart of law enforcement and shroomers are harshly persecuted as if they be horrible witches and evil sorcerers of old. Here is my previous post in response to Sitbcknchill's thread inquiring into prison sentencing for just such growing situation.

    Upon visiting to serve a warrant, coincidentally, the same way as Tennessee arrest, police discovered the grow. Notice that authorities closed down the entire block and evacuated all neigborhood families, perhaps in fear of toxic mushroom spore release into the atmosphere:cry:? At that time, the fungus felon had not yet been sentenced. Though now, by looking up his name in prison inmate search engine, it is apparent that New York State gave him 7 years in maximum security lockup to contemplate the error of his ways. Motto of the story? Don't have outstanding warrants if involved in the home cultivation.
  13. girlygrrl
    I feel bad for the guy because he got royally screwed. I do wish he'd had a bit more common sense. Obvs it is not a great plan to continue growing scheduled plants after being caught doing so. I'm all for non-violent law violation of ridiculous laws you don't believe in, but one has to take into consideration the risks of violating these laws.

    But seriously, wtf is up with the laws in this country? Is it really necessary to lock up someone just for growing enough a personal stash of *any* substance?

    Why is it that someone who DUI's and kills a family is back on the streets driving drunk again on a suspended license after a mere 3 mos of jail, but someone who grows their own shrooms and is harming nobody (not even himself because they are pretty much non-toxic) gets 16 years?

    Or worse yet, someone who murders as part of an armed robbery gets 2.5 years and is back on the streets again, making society less safe, to make room for guys like him.

    Heaven forbid some tripper wants to grow their own product -- which in NO way funds terrorism or crime rings -- so it's time to "make an example". The guy was playing with fire by continuing to grow after being caught doing so, but he certainly didn't deserve to be treated like a murderous, gang-banging drug lord (which wouldn't exist anyway if everything was legal)
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