1. Budgetadvisoryservice
    I'm sorry that I'm crazy

    I know that I come across

    Maybe a bit strange, hazy

    Brain fucked and eye glazed

    Maybe I should shut up

    And go away. Change me

    If it would please you

    Many claim to have owned me

    Think they've known me

    But I don't know maybe

    They're right

    Stupid kid with his dumb shit

    Half wit, doesn't know things

    Known by the cool kids

    Imposter syndrome rages deep within me

    I'm so sorry for being crazy

    If only you knew my fear

    You'd hate me

    I know


    Please forgive me

    Nothing burns within me

    But my shame jades me

    Go on and flame me

    I care

    The vulnerability smells so weird

    Why can't people just accept that some things, unseen, fill the air when I go to bed


    There's nothing left to share


    I'm ashamed that I'm insane

    Like I said

    I'm sorry that I'm crazy

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