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  1. Budgetadvisoryservice

    Is a car crash

    That thing in your vision that sticks

    Holding your eyes focus for a moment

    That stretches on

    Forever with

    Infinite time to reflect

    Why do these things keep happening to me?

    Who cares?

    I don't know any more 'coz it's starting to get all weird

    Like when a good trip kicks in

    and you're like, hang on

    And it's right there

    But you don't believe it

    So all you can do is stand still and stare

    Stuck in a moment forever

    Twisting in fortune like a spiral

    That waxes and wanes

    As it changes


    And gets all creepy and steepened

    Countless helices winding into a throbbing ball

    With no limit to the possible permutations of existence that might manifest only to enthral

    If you don't do your best

    Who cares?

    Seven billion other people don't have any care to spare

    Which makes you outnumbered

    By a long stretch

    In the quest for caring

    To be part of the sharing and spared the

    Hopelessness of emptiness

    Totalitarian pessimist attempting to be an optimist

    Put a gun in my mouth and I'd probably miss

    The point

    Is not to die

    Depending on where you are

    Not to laugh


    Not to cry

    Buy soap and smell nice

    In a nice tie

    Then hit on the blonde chick with the nice tits

    Go back to her house and fuck the bitch

    Who cares?

    I do, but I'm weird

    The overwhelming majority has me

    Warped mangled and bent

    It pays the rent

    A penny saved

    A million lost

    Feeding plastic cups of water to the river

    As if it matters what I meant

    Like I said

    Who cares?

    That old mantra banging out loud and clear in both ears

    Demanding every ounce of attention you can muster

    Who cares?

    Who cares?

    Who cares?

    I kinda gets a little intense

    Nobody wants to know what you've got to share

    So it's time that you left


    I know that you never wanted any of this


    I came to find what's left

    Mix it up and bang that shit

    Like a fix of happy death

    167 bpm inside my chest

    Who cares?

    I did, but now I'm not really at my best

    Fill the hole with something someone else has said

    Who cares?

    Who cares?

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  1. perro-salchicha614
    "Great poetry"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Feb 5, 2017
    I can really relate to this feeling.


  1. Somewhere in the middle
    Tragically beautiful. <3
  2. mess clean
    Very well done piece. I could both read it and feel it.
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