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2nd inquest decides Rachel Whitear died of overdose, but many questions unanswered

By Pondlife, Sep 14, 2007 | |
  1. Pondlife
    The second inquest into the death of Rachel Whitear has decided that her death was caused by a heroin overdose, but was unable to decide who (if anyone) was with her when she died.

    Rachel died in May 2000, and photos of her discoloured body were used to publicise the dangers of heroin. However, doubts were raised when toxicology tests showed that the level of heroin in her bloodstream was only about one third of the lethal amount. There was further speculation that she may have been murdered.

    The first inquest in 2000 recorded an open verdict.

    Here's an article by the BBC on the results of the second inquest:



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