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  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher

    Good Mornin', time to rise and shine and get breakfast started. Life continues on and I made it thru the night and slept pretty good all things considering. The coffee smells wonderful thru the house and just got back in from the smoke house with a big ole slab of hickory smoked bacon to fry up.
    I may even take my minnow bucket down to the creek and set it up to go fishing today. Nothing like a big skillet full of trout or catfish. Yum Yum.
    Tomorrow I've got jelly to can up. I make violet jelly and sassafras jelly this time of year and most of it I give out to the neighbors down in the holler but enjoy making it and I love to give things to others so its me who really gets the blessings from all that work.
    Try to concentrate on giving to others. You'd be surprised on how many out there near you really need your help to cheer them up. Its not just all about our problems.
    I best scat off here and get busy. Have a wonderful day! Smiles and Hugs, Maw on the mountain
    Newborn baby piglets. So cute had to share!


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