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3,700 pounds of cocaine seized in Paraguay

  1. SmokeTwibz

    Anti-drug agents in Paraguay have seized nearly 3,700 pounds of cocaine.

    They say the drug was about to be taken on small planes to neighbouring Brazil and other countries.

    Police say Paraguay's most wanted man, Ezequiel de Souza, was among the 20 people arrested at a ranch in north-eastern Paraguay.

    An unauthorised airstrip was found and weapons and small planes seized. Alleged Bolivian drug lord Marco Antonio Rocca Ali, known as "El Presi", was also arrested at the ranch on Saturday night.

    Police say this is the biggest seizure of drugs, in the South American country this year. The National Anti-Drug Secretariat said it still expected to find more bags of cocaine hidden underground and in the nearby woods.

    President Federico Franco congratulated the 40 agents who took part in the operation near the city of Salto del Guaira. He said Paraguay is committed to fight drug-trafficking," he said. The president added It will become known abroad as a sovereign nation, not as a drug-trafficking country.

    Monday, 12 November 2012
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