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3 arrested by Tucson police in search for 'drug' kits at liquor stores

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    3 arrested by Tucson police in search for 'drug' kits at liquor stores

    Tucson police officers searched three midtown liquor stores Wednesday afternoon looking for what they described as a kit for smoking crack cocaine, police said.

    The searches were carried out at the following liquor stores: Speedy’s, in the 200 block of West Fort Lowell Road; Lim Bong’s, in the 600 block of West Grant Road; and Lee’s, in the 1200 block of N. Stone Avenue.

    Two people — a man and woman were arrested — at Lim Bong’s, police said. A third person was arrested at Speedy's. Charges were pending late Wednesday.

    Police officials said officers were looking for what is described as a “drug kit” being sold at the stores. The kits, costing about $3 each, consists of a scouring-pad material and small glass pipe.

    Police officials said the scouring pad material is used as a filter when smoking crack cocaine from the glass tubes.

    The searches are part of a year-long investigation into the sale of the drug paraphernalia, police said.

    Police received tips from neighborhood association members that the drug kits were being sold from liquor stores in the area, police said.

    Police said they recovered glass pipes and scouring-pad material from the searches.

    By Jamar Younger



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