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3 Colombian airport workers arrested for cocaine smuggling

By YIPMAN, Nov 18, 2011 | |
    Colombian Narcotics Police captured three ElDorado Airport employees on Thursday for attempting to smuggle two suitcases containing 45 kilos of cocaine.

    Colombia's Director of Narcotics General Luis Alberto Perez Alvaro confirmed that the employees were arrested after two months of follow-up research. Two of the suspects were captured in Bogota while another was apprehended in Santa Marta.

    Airport security cameras, along with the use of drug-sniffing canines, were crucial in intercepting the luggage filled with cocaine from departing to France. That shipment would have been worth an estimated $2.2 million.

    "Those captured today, took advantage of working in the airport, mocked the security checks established in the cargo area, and introduced the 'contaminated' suitcases to aircraft loading points with an international destination," announced General Alvaro Perez.

    The airport workers are being charged with manufacturing, possessing, and trafficking narcotics.

    THURSDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2011 17:13



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